Quilting Under Quarantine: Homemade Face Mask Pattern

Mar 24, 2020 8:08:40 AM / by AccuQuilt

Chances are you've heard and read about the shortage of N95 masks in the news. This serious concern, especially for healthcare workers, has lead to calls for help from people with talents like yours. We sewists have a unique skillset that can potentially help provide the community with preventative measures. Our team has been working around the clock to create an AccuQuilt-friendly face mask pattern and we're happy to report we've got one to share!



Click here to download the Homemade Face Mask Pattern!


This pattern uses the GO! Strip Cutter-6½" (6" Finished) (55086) die, but can also be adapted to work with rotary cutters or scissors. It's important to note that the CDC does not consider homemade masks personal protective equipment (PPE) and will only be used by professionals as mask covers or when no other alternative is available. 


If you're working on mask sewing initiatives and want AccuQuilt to help, please contact us at masks@accuquilt.com.


Check out AccuQuilt's GO! and Studio face mask dies!


Additional Tips

  • Prewash your fabric to be sure the mask won't shrink at all after sewn. 
  • Out of elastic? Use elastic hair bands!


Batik and Nebraska Husker cloth face masks on grey wooden surface


Right now, most hospitals are not accepting sewn cloth masks. However, as the mask shortage continues, these might be necessary for medical and community workers on the frontline. Additionally, homemade face masks offer a layer of protection from others when you're feeling sick. Every little bit helps.


Quilting Under Quarantine

As quilters, we’re resourceful and as we face these challenging times and care for our families and communities, the team at AccuQuilt is here to help you:

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Quilters Helping the Community

Many quilters have turned from their projects to work on face masks. Check out what some of our GO! Getters have been working on, and follow them while you're at it. They love to share amazing ways to keep busy and inspired.





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