How to Make Larger Quilt Blocks with Your GO! Qube Mix & Match Block

Jan 30, 2020 8:33:38 AM / by Emily Tindall

Hi There, I am Emily from Homemade Emily Jane and I recently did some playing around with my GO! Qube Mix and Match 12” Block and discovered that I can use it to make larger blocks! Maybe you already knew how to use dies from the 12” GO! Qube set to make an 18” quilt blocks, but when I discovered it, I thought it was SO COOL and I just have to share it with you!


Churn Dash Largeedited


When using the AccuQuilt, I try to get the most bang for my buck when it comes to the wide variety of dies available. That alone is why I have such a huge love for the GO! Qube Mix and Match sets. I've always felt like there really are endless possibilities and now there are even more options if you use certain dies to make larger blocks!


Here’s a quick breakdown of what size larger block you can get from your current GO! Qube sizes:


The method I used on the 12” GO! Qube to make an 18” block is pretty simple: I used three rows of three 6½” units. Here is an example and a FREE quilt pattern you can use for the same technique. Take a look and get a feel for how you can expand the GO! Qube Blocks of all sizes!


churn dash pattern coveredited


The example I made to demonstrate this new method is called the Vintage Camping Quilt Pattern, which you can find HERE. I made a few tweaks to the pattern itself to adjust it for the AccuQuilt fabric cutter. You can read more about the pattern & the tweaks I made over at the HomemadeEmilyJane blog on this post.


close up churn dashedited


The Vintage Camping pattern uses a traditional Churn Dash quilt block, and you can make it in any size you prefer. To cut your shapes using a GO! Qube Block, you will need shape 1, the GO! Square-6½" (6" Finished), shape 3 the GO! Half Square Triangle-6" Finished Square and shape 8 the GO! Rectangle-3½" x 6½" (3" x 6" Finished).


When you stack three rows of three of each of these units together, you create an 18” finished block, instead of the typical 12” block. Again, the same system works with any size GO! Qube Block. If you do make this pattern with a smaller die, it will affect the finished size of your project. You might need more blocks to make up the difference.


backing and front of quiltedited


For the Vintage Camping Churn Dash block pattern, shape 1 in the GO! Qube Block ends up being the center of each block, shape 3 is used for the four corners (unit 1 in the pattern), two cuts of each shape 8 are put together for the blocks that touch the center block (unit 2 in the pattern).


These larger blocks come together so fast and make a great quilt to show off your favorite prints. I hope you enjoy this new trick for using your GO! Qube Mix & Match Blocks! Next time you look at your AccuQuilt collection, I hope you are inspired to think about what other ways you can use each die!


Want to read more about how to use this trick? Eleanor Burns and AccuQuilt teamed up to create the GO! Outside the Box book, which takes a look at the amazing versatility of the GO! Qube Block system. Click here to get your copy!


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