How to Store & Organize GO! Dies

Jan 7, 2021 10:44:55 AM / by Erica Bottger

All quilters dream of an organized sewing space where everything is easy to find and creativity can soar. For many of us, this dream may seem impossible, especially with a growing AccuQuilt GO! collection. Let's take a look at some easy solutions that can help bring your organization dreams closer to reality.


Let's start with the basics of how to store GO! dies. You always want to store them on their sides, like books on a shelf vs. stacking them. Stacking can cause damage to those poor dies on the bottom of the pile. AccuQuilt has some great solutions to help keep your dies organized.



Pre-Organized GO! Qube Blocks & Companions

GO! Qube Blocks and Companions come packaged in their very own innovative storage boxes. Inspired by boxed sets of DVDs, dies, mats and patterns come in folders that fit neatly inside the storage box. This inventive solution makes it easier than ever to keep those core dies that work together organized and ready to cut at a moment's notice.


GO! Die Storage Boxes

GO! Die Storage Boxes come in 3 different sized and mean that you can organize your existing dies into storage boxes to match your Qubes!  The boxes fit 6" x 6" Die Boards (55850), 5" x 10" and 6" x 12" Die Boards (55851) and 10" x 10" Die Boards (55852)  There are even labels included for personalizing your storage to make it neat and easy to use.

Die Storage-group



GO! Die Storage Racks

The GO! Die Storage Rack (55115) holds 8 dies and mats of all sizes. This rack is also a great way to keep track of the dies and mats that you are currently using or those that you use the most often.





Totes for Travel

For taking your cutter and dies with you, look no further than the GO! Fabric Cutter Tote & Die Bag (55250 & 55251).


Available in 2 colors - black and GO! green - this back is perfect for holding your GO! or GO! Big Fabric Cutter in the main compartment with smaller dies and mats in the front pocket. The accessory bag on the back is perfect for an 18" x 24" Rotary Mat or your favorite strip die and mat!





Cutting Cabinet Designed for GO!

If you're looking for a big solution to die storage, the GO! Quilt Block Center Cutting Cabinet (50910, 50911 and 50909) may just be the perfect solution for you.


With shelves designed to hold your dies in the correct position with space to spare for your Qube blocks and Companions, this cabinet also provides a GO! Big extension shelf and 1 storage drawer. The left and right side drop leaves can be raised when you need extra space and lowered when you don't.





More Creative Solutions

Over the years, we've seen inventive GO! users come up with some pretty creative storage solutions as well. Here's a great example of making flexible storage units work for your dies.


Jane Makuch's flexible storage setup


Here's how Mary Perry uses drawers to expand her die storage.



Take a look at this DIY solution, designed for plates that could easily work for dies as well. Find the directions here.



Here's to hoping some of these solutions help make your organizational dreams a reality. We'd love to see your die storage solutions as well as before and after pictures of your sewing space to help motivate all of us to GO! get organized for a new year of sewing!


Keep watching our blog for even more quilty organizing tips! 


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Written by Erica Bottger