Inspiration from Antique Goose Track Quilts

Apr 13, 2022 8:30:00 AM / by Katy Sweigart

I love antique quilts! I wonder about the maker and how they came up with designs without Pinterest. I take a lot of inspiration for my own quilts from antiques. Katy is here from KatyQuilts to share just one of those projects with you today.



Modernizing a Classic Quilt Pattern

Isn’t this antique Goose Tracks quilt gorgeous?


Antique Goose Tracks Quilt Pattern



This design called to me! Honestly, I would not have answered that call without the help of one of AccuQuilt’s newest die, the GO! Goose Tracks-9” Finished Die.


GO! Goose Tracks-9" Finished Die



Replicate This Goose Track Pattern Yourself

Today, I’ll show you how I made my own smaller version of this lovely, old quilt. Let’s start with the fabrics. I love solids, as you can see by my selections.



The Fabric Katy Used



I hear you saying, “There is no green in the original!” See that tan? Many, if not most, solid greens from this era faded to tan. It was most likely green when the quilt was sewn, so I’m going with green.


Cutting was so quick with this die! I precut my solids as follows:

  • Eight green 3 1/2” squares
  • Four red 2 1/2” squares
  • Eight red 2” x 11 1/2” strips
  • Eight gold 2” x 11 1/2” strips
  • Background: 16 3” x 11 1/2” strips

Pro Tip: You will have leftover shape B pieces. 



Katy's Cut Fabric Pieces Using the GO! Goose Tracks-9" Finished Die



Then, it was a matter of placing six layers at a time on the die and running it through. Gosh, I love those perfect pieces!

Time to piece. I started by adding the small triangles to the diamonds first. Then, add the large triangles.





Take a look at how I pressed these so that all seams would nest.

Once the corner blocks are done, it’s just a simple nine-patch!



Katy's First Nine Patch



I used my GO! Setting Triangles Die-9” Finished Die and my GO! Big Square-9 1/2" (9” Finished) Die to cut background pieces. Then, I placed them on my design floor.

Next, sew everything together in diagonal rows. Then, sew your rows together, stand back, and admire your work!



Katy Sewing the Patches Together
Katy's Nine Patches Together



Now, I could have stopped here since it is very similar to the original quilt, but another vintage quilt caught my eye. It had a wonderful border that suited this project well, so I used my GO! Strip Cutter 2 1/2" (2" Finished) 3 Strips Die and got to work.

I sewed 4 strip sets of red/white/red. I cut them to the size of my top.

I used the leftovers from my borders and one more strip set of white/red/white to make four nine patches for the corners. I subcut them on my strip die.



Katy Using the GO! Strip Cutter 2 1/2" Finished (2" Finished) 3 Strips Die to Cut Her Fabric
Katy's Subcut Fabric on the GO! Strip Cutter 2 1/2" (2" Finished) 3 Strips Die
Katy's Separated Subcut Fabric


Sew two borders to the sides of your top. Sew one nine-patch to each end of the remaining two borders.



Katy's Quilt Blocks with Border Strips
Katy's Quilt Blocks with Borders to Sew Together



Add the final borders and you are ready to quilt! Here are a few photos of my finished quilt.



Katy's Finished Goose Tracks Quilt Close Up with Underside
Katy's Finished Goose Tracks Pattern Quilt
Katy's Finished Goose Tracks Quilt Close Up



Share Your Goose Tracks with AccuQuilt

If I did not have AccuQuilt's newest die, I would not have been able to recreate this stunning goose tracks quilt. Don't wait to add the GO! Goose Tracks-9" Finished Die to your collection! I loved making this quilt. Remember, you can also use the free downloadable patterns available with the purchase of this die to create your own fun project.


On April 12th, the AccuQuilt Event Show, "Spread Your Wings," featured a special guest - Barbara Brackman. She delightfully discussed this quilt block's history. If you want to learn more about the goose tracks block, check out what Barbara Brackman wrote on her blog!


If you make your own version of this tutorial, please share the photo on social media using the hashtag #AccuQuiltBuilt and don't forget to tag @katyquilts and @AccuQuilt so we can see your fun creation!

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