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Jul 26, 2018 6:00:49 AM / by AccuQuilt

Hi! This is Mona Phelps with Kentucky Whittaker Creations. I have been sewing and quilting for close to two years and it's amazing how things can start to pile up.


Question for today - do you like to organize?

From my experience, people fall into one of three categories when asked this question:

  1. Definitely, yes! Organizing brings this camp great joy and pleasure.
  2. Oh, no! Those who are in this category find no redeeming value in organizing - not worth it!
  3. I want to, but I don't know where to start! The thought of organizing causes stress and anxiety.

I definitely fall into the 3rd category. I want to be organized; however, once I get started, I get overwhelmed and usually just stop. Then, I end up with piles of fabric, notions, and tools all over the place.

So – do you identify with any of the above? If so, keep reading!

AccuQuilt's 10th anniversary celebration continues and with it comes the new GO! Die Storage Limited-Edition-6" x 12". This storage system fits any décor.


Anniversary Die Storage

Look at the benefits below:

  • Perfect organizational solution for (8) 6" x 12" or 5" x 10" GO! Dies
  • Labels for personalizing and ease of use
  • Compact, stackable fit for any shelf or counter
  • Works with GO! Die Storage 6" x 6" (55850), 6" x 12" (55851) and 10" x 10" (55852)

Anniversary Die Storage


So – why should you get one of the new storage systems?

  1. If you are a “Definitely, yes!” organizer, this will fit perfectly into your life. Your AccuQuilt dies will be organized in this stylish container and keep your cutting area clean.
  2. Are you against organizing or don’t care? Then think about it this way - the GO! Die Storage Limited-Edition is perfect for you as it will protect your dies. Keeping them stored will help to prevent damage to your dies (see – no talk about organization!).
  3. In the 3rd category - don't know where to start? This is a perfect tool. You will organize your dies without any thought – just put them in the stylish container and, boom, you’re done!

With this storage system, you can label the exterior so that you’ll know which dies are included (no more searching through piles of fabric, notions, etc., to find the one die that you need). The gorgeous design will go with any décor, too!

Anniversary Die Storage labels

This is only available for a limited time – don’t wait! Get your GO! Die Storage Limited-Edition-6" x 12" before it’s gone!

Be sure to check my instagram page to see what I'm currently working on.

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