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Jul 19, 2016 9:00:00 AM / by Connie Campbell

Hi everyone, this is Connie from Freemotion by the River and I would like to take you on a tour of my quilt studio. I have actually been in it since January, but it is still new to me. Each and every day when I open the door to my studio, I am happy to be able to work in this beautiful room!

My last quilt room was a spare bedroom and was 10 x 11. My husband had a woodworking room in the basement but really wasn't using it anymore, so he sold most of his tools and made me a huge 17 x 32 foot quilt studio. He even put in a window for me. I actually have over 500 square feet of space, and I have used all of it!

When you walk in the door this set of cabinets is to the left. Some of my large AccuQuilt GO! dies are stored on top of the cabinets. There is a white bookcase along side of it that hold the rest of my dies. Notice the Keurig coffee pot ... that is a must in my quilt studio!


Cabinets in quilt room and large AccuQuilt dies on top


I have a perfect setup for my AccuQuilt GO! Big Electric die cutter on some storage shelves right next to my dies. I also have the GO! Baby down on the bottom shelf and my neighbor is using my GO! right now. To the right of that is my ironing board ... notice my vintage iron.


My AccuQuilt GO! setup in my quilt room


I really like the Ikea baskets and store most of the current batiks I am working with and some projects in them.


AccuQuilt cutter on storage shelves with batik fabrics


Just past this is my cutting table and sliding design wall ... this is so neat! There is also a White Board on the wall.


Sliding design wall


Notice that I said it was a sliding design wall? I had used up all of my wall space and still needed a design wall with batting/flannel on it. I also thought it would be nice to hide some of my quilts and stash. You can read more about how this was made here. Thank goodness for Builder Bob!


Moving the sliding design wall to the other side.


I have another large bookcase that Builder Bob built for me when I was upstairs.


More fabric in the bookcase


Now we are getting to the part of the room that has my sewing machines. Ninety-five percent of my sewing and quilting is done on my vintage 15-91 Singer sewing machine. I have a newer one that mainly is used for sewing pieces of batting together or if I want to do something with a walking foot.

Lately I have been using my computer on the back table instead of at my desk. Notice the tripods and ladder ... those are used when I take my photos.


My sewing machine setup


When it is time to quilt a large quilt I just remove my computer and the sewing machine I'm not using, so I will have a large flat surface. It is important to keep the entire quilt up on the table so you don't get any drag when quilting.


Sewing machine setup for quilting


I have a large wall that holds many of the quilts I have designed. The panels are actually made for offices and I use pins to hold things on them. At the end of this side is my desk, I sometimes use the television as a screen for my computer. I also will watch exercise videos and it is nice to have plenty of room to move around.

Another very important thing is all of the lighting in my room, you can never have enough of that!


Computer desk and lighting in my quilt studio


One last thing in my room is my peg board wall of rulers and templates. I also keep some of my patterns up there.


Rulers and templates hanging on pegboard


I hope you have enjoyed this tour of my quilt studio and if you would like to see more photos of it and my old room please stop by my blog. I really enjoy working on AccuQuilt projects and quilts in my new studio.


Quilt studio with AccuQuilt die cutting machine and dies.



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