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Feb 28, 2016 8:00:00 AM / by Bea Lee

Hi everyone! It's me Bea from BeaquilterToday I'm sharing my studio ... my room where I sew and quilt! I'm very fortunate to have a BIG bonus room upstairs in our house. This is what it looks like when you walk into it.



With a newborn and a toddler at home I have things set up so they are happy too! -pack and play, play mat, swing. Then computer and toys for the 3yr old too.

To the immediate left of the doorway is my design wall, which was an old screen hubby had built when we had a movie projector, but we don't have that anymore, so we've stapled some batting to it and it works great as a design wall. (I do change it out every year or so when it gets too linty or pulls too much)




Then next to that is a door (to my old craft room- now it's just a catch all junk room) I have the playpen in front of it, but not completely blocking the door, but we rarely go in there.

Next to the door I have a double set of wire metal shelves (I think from Costco).

I have magazines on the top, rulers, felt and small things on the next shelf, GO! dies on the 3rd shelf and bins of scraps on the bottom shelves.

On the right I have my quilt tops that are ready to be quilted and then books.

Above them all I have quilts sorted by size.

On the wall I have a dry erase board when I write down the name of the quilt, the size, batting size, backing size and if it has a label and binding ready.




Then I have my long arm and on the right side of the room I have a set of double shelves too.

Here I have my fabrics sorted by color, then bins with toys and above it all I have dolls and stuffed animals for craft shows. On the wall is a thread rack for my long arm quilting threads.




In the middle of the room is my desk/table where I have my laptop and two sewing machines (my new one and my old one for when my friend comes to sew) and then a tool caddy with all my tools.




Behind the desk/table is a wet bar (told you it was a bonus room) where I have my GO BIG! cutter, threads and my embroidery machine.




Next to that is my ironing board with a half unit of those metal shelves and a board on top that's covered with batting and fabric as my ironing board. I LOVE this board ... it's more than 18" deep so I can easily iron a whole Fat quarter on it and it's wide enough that I can also easily iron a full width of fabric and still have room for the iron on the side.

And above you may have seen before- is my pincushion collection that's overflowing!

Below I have Island Batik fabrics (because I'm ambassador for them I want to use them often!), my printer and then bins of ongoing projects.




I love my room and spend almost eight hours a day up here ... well pretty much from when the kids go to school and when I have to go get them at 3pm, sometimes I also sew at night, but that's mostly dinner time and family time and by then I'm worn out anyways! LOL

If there's anything I would fix- and this is being SUPER picky ... it's a different light for my design wall - my room is really not lacking light! I have 4 windows and 7 high hats! And then I'd like hardwood floors, mostly because it's so hard to see a dropped pin and if I have a crawling baby soon, I have to really watch out!

But the room is above our garage so I don't know if that would work with sound and heat/cooling etc... but that's WAY down the road :)

I do tease my husband that we should knock down the wall to the "junk" room and extend my room, but then I'd have to organize in there too and I like just closing the door and "forgetting" about the mess there. HA HA

Well, thanks for watching/reading this.

What's a favorite part of your room or something from my room you might do with your room?



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Bea Lee

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