A New Way to Store 10 Years’ Worth of Dies

Jul 2, 2018 1:00:30 PM / by AccuQuilt

We know how it feels when you’re ready to start an exciting new project, but you don’t know exactly where you put everything you need. You might spend more time sifting through your sewing room than you do actually cutting your fabric.

It can be frustrating.

A large collection of quilting supplies shouldn’t hinder you from completing the projects you love, and that’s why we are excited to introduce our latest GO! Die Storage solution as a part of our 10-Year Anniversary celebration: GO! Die Storage Limited Edition-6" x 12".

Die Storage box

This 10th Anniversary Limited-Edition GO! Die Storage works perfectly both for those who have been with us since the beginning and those who just started working with GO! dies. If you have 6" x 12" or 5" x 10" GO! dies in your collection, this storage solution can consolidate up to eight separate dies for you! For storage solutions that accommodate smaller GO! dies, shop our full selection of GO! Die Storage.

Die Storage

Voted on by our customers, the clean packaging design fits any room’s décor. Additionally, it’s compact and stackable, so it can be placed neatly onto any shelf or tabletop, allowing you to keep your workspace clean and easily grab the die you need at a moment’s notice.

Die Storage open

With removable labels on the outside of each container, you can personalize your storage sets in the way that works best for you. We find that organizing by shapes, themes and die types are all good ways to keep tabs on your GO! dies, but how you customize your storage is ultimately your call!

While the product is meant to snugly and conveniently store your dies, the ribbon tabs on the outside of each individual container make them easy to retrieve. If you currently own a GO! Qube or another GO! Die Storage system, you may be familiar with these convenient tabs, which sport our commemorative navy blue on this limited-edition product.

Die Storage tabs

Have you been taking advantage of our other 10th Anniversary releases? July’s storage solution coordinates perfectly with the navy blue trays found on our 10th Anniversary Limited-Edition GO! Dies: GO! Leaping Frog (55199), GO! Elephants (55373) and GO! Airplanes (55366).


These dies as well as the GO! Die Storage Limited Edition-6" x 12" are available for a limited time, so get yours today. Because when they’re gone, they’re gone.


Organizing Beyond Die Storage

While organizing your GO! dies will play a part in improving the productivity of your sewing room, your other supplies need to be accounted for as well. Here are a few quick tips to get the most out of your sewing space.

  • Don’t crowd yourself – While you want to have enough storage to organize all your materials, you don’t want to have so much storage that you have no space to work. Likewise, you’ll want to place your storage containers far enough away to give you ample space to maneuver during projects.
  • Group complementary items – Instead of keeping similar items together, it might make more sense to bundle supplies that are used with one another. For example, instead of putting all your cutting tools together, you might store your GO! dies along with the corresponding cutting mats.
  • Use the right type of storage – It’s important that the proper containers are used to store your supplies. For instance, our customers love our GO! Die Storage because it’s fitted and compact. Some of the best-maintained sewing rooms have optimized shelving and stackable bins (it is often helpful if bins are clear as well).
  • Label whatever you need – Don’t be afraid to over-do the labels. However, if you do decide to label – no matter how in-depth – it is important that you follow your chosen organizational structure. If you don’t follow your structure and aren’t able to find your supplies, your efforts spent organizing were wasted.

Organize supplies for you – The most important aspect of organizing is to make projects quicker and easier for you. Therefore, you should pick a storage solution (including shelving, bins, die storage, etc.) that makes the most sense for you and your work environment. What works best for one quilter might not do the same for the next.

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Written by AccuQuilt


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