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Nov 19, 2015 9:00:07 AM / by Heidi Pridemore

Who doesn’t like Black and White prints with a touch of color. This month’s quilt GO! Some like it Hot…Pink pays homage to this theme and to the wonderful film by the same name. I can just see Marilyn Monroe loving this quilt. I used hot pink instead of the traditional Red to spice it up a bit just like she did. You could also use Bright Blue, lime green or any other bright color to change it up a bit. We made this quilt using the AccuQuilt Go! Big Electric Fabric Cutter and Urban Scandinvain fabric from P&B Textiles.


GO! Some Like it Hot…Pink Quilt Pattern featuring Urban Scandinavian from P&B Textiles
54” x 54”
Designed by Heidi Pridemore


This month’s featured dies are the Go! Qube Mix & match 8” block (55776) and Go! Square-6-1/2” (6” Finished) (55000) . This is a group of dies that all make up a variety of the 8” finished squares. With this group of dies, the design possibilities are endless. I finally settled on three different blocks to make up this quilt that linked together to create a seamless center block. I added the wide borders to create a resting area from the intricate center.

The pattern for GO! Some Like It Hot…Pink is now available at our website for download here.  The pattern will have all instructions to make this lovely quilt.

When working with a project that has so many different parts the best tip I can pass on to you is to Stay organized!!!!! When working with an assortment of dies or for any larger projects, keeping everything organized will help the project go together easier and will cut down on errors in cutting or piecing.

I would recommend going through the cutting instructions and do all the traditional cutting first, labeling each group of pieces as you go. I also have the dies laid out and as I cut the pieces meant for that die, I lay those pieces on top of the die so I do not mix up any of the pieces.

I always cut the entire project at one time, before I start sewing. I also label everything with little round label stickers, you can find at the office supply store. I always cut the project as if someone else is going to make the project. For us at the studio this is a real possibility. I recommend this step, even if you know no one else is going to sew the project but you. Just think if you put it up for months in between cutting and sewing (you know this can happen). When you pull out the project to finish it, having it organized and labeled will help you know where you left off.




Once I finish with the traditional cutting, I set up the Go! Big Electric Fabric Cutter and die cut all the shapes at one time, again keeping everything labeled. This makes the process go quicker and doing all together will help you catch it, if you are missing a piece.

Once I have all the pieces cut, I lay out each block to make sure I have all the parts and I have them with the correct block. Once this is done, I am ready to start sewing.






Most of the piecing for these blocks is very straight forward and easy to do. Except on the first block, there is a diamond shape that is sewn together with a triangle. This can be a little tricky. To make sure this unit comes out correctly, make sure to offset the diamond ¼” before sewing it together as shown here.




Once all the blocks are sewn together you are ready to start assembling the quilt. Start with the center section first and work your way out. Once the blocks are sewn together you are ready to add the borders.

I hope you have as much fun as I did making this whimsical quilt. You can play around with the all the different die shapes to come up with your own blocks for the center block. You can also add more rounds of blocks to make the quilt larger. As always I would love to see what you come up with.

Make sure to visit my blog each month where I will share with you some tips and tricks on cutting and assembling of the project of the month along with posting the free pattern on The Whimsical Workshop.

Until next time…..



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