Perfect Placemat Patterns for Beginners

Mar 20, 2016 2:00:00 PM / by AccuQuilt

If you're a beginner quilter, you may want to start off with smaller, more manageable projects like placemats. Once you make a couple of these, then perhaps try a table runner or wall hanging before tackling an entire throw or bed quilt. Of course, if you're the fearless type then don't let us slow you down! Some people work better by just jumping right in with a more challenging project. Whatever you decide, go all in and see it through. Make yourself proud!

For the more advanced quilters, you may just need a break from the more difficult projects and want to make something fast and easy in a couple of hours. Plus, placemats are perfect for using up all of your fabric scraps, too! After all, fabric is a big investment, and there is no need for waste when you can simply use it for your small scrappy projects. 

These four placemat quilt patterns are great for a summer barbecue or another celebration, as they provide a wonderful accent to your home whether it be your outdoor patio or your kitchen table. Placemats also make a fantastic housewarming gift!

Download these placemat patterns today and check out all of the other amazing free patterns we have on our website.



GO! Flying Diamonds Placemat Pattern



GO! Hunter Star Pocket Placemat Pattern



GO! Picket Fence Placemats Pattern



GO! Qube One Block Placemats Pattern


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