Quilter's Spotlight: Beaquilter

Mar 27, 2014 10:03:57 AM / by spotlight

Bea is one of those quilters who makes you ask, "how does she do it all?" Bea hosts a monthly GO! Challenge on her blog, and we are always amazed at all the projects she whips out!  Bea is certainly taking advantage of all the time she is saving cutting with her GO! When we asked Bea why she loves the GO!, here's what she had to say:


I LOVE the GO! dies for "funky" shapes or curves. The Hunter Star quilt was a SNAP to make and SEW easy. Tumblers are fun and any die with curves is a HUGE time saver and I love the little points added so you know where to line them up. I also love appliqued shapes and have probably used the circle die the most on so many different things.


Explore some of Bea's favorite GO! projects below and read all the details over on her blog!

Hunter Star 

Hunter Star Beaquilter


Die: GO! Hunter Star 
Post on Beaquilter

Apple Core

Apple Core Beaquilter


Die: GO! Apple Core 
Post on Beaquilter

Blazing Star

blazing star beaquilter


Die: GO! Blazing Star
Post on Beaquilter

Winding Ways

winding ways beaquilter


Die: GO! Winding Ways 
Post on Beaquilter

Can't wait to see what Bea makes next...



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