The Power of Hand Piecing a Quilt

Jul 28, 2017 10:44:00 AM / by AccuQuilt

AccuQuilt and the Quilt Hand Piecer

There’s something uniquely therapeutic about hand piecing a quilt. Yet, while the love you put into your quilt knows no limits, neither, it seems, does the time. So, when you want to dedicate that time to your quiet passion of hand piecing, count on the GO! Fabric Cutters and Dies to get you to the stitching phase with speed and precision.

Why Hand Piecing is Well-Loved



Quilters have practiced the art of hand piecing for generations, learning the intricacies of the craft, creating new methods, and passing down the tradition. There are no frills and no fuss with hand piecing – you and your quilt are separated only by the needle and thread that you control. The final product is something you’ve created by hand, through hard work, and there is a great sense of satisfaction in that.

As a hand piecer, you’re consistent – deliberate, steady, and accurate. Still, it’s okay if you’re not perfect, for hand stitching is a forgiving endeavor. A misplaced stitch can be easily corrected. Therefore, the quality of a hand pieced quilt is second to none.


The Anytime, Anywhere Quilter

Perhaps the best part of hand piecing, though, is that you can work on a quilt without having to carve specific time out of your schedule, which is already super busy. Hand piecing can be done anywhere, any time. Think: backyard barbecue or a baseball game, in the car or on a plane, or in a waiting room, whether your wait is five minutes or several hours.

So much heart goes into a quilt that’s pieced together by hand, so much more of who you are as the quilter. It gives you and the recipient yet another reason to cherish it, and we love the love you have for your craft. That’s why we’ve decided to make things easier for you!


How AccuQuilt Makes Hand Piecing Even Better

The perks of hand piecing are naturally balanced with some pitfalls, but it’s AccuQuilt’s goal to make each project as simple and as fun as it can be. It’s no secret that it takes time and patience to hand piece a quilt. So, if you’re going to find the time to do the hand piecing you prefer, you need to cut theoretical corners elsewhere.


Cut Up and GO! Die

The traditional cutting process is labor-intensive – you find or create the right template, trace it on the fabric, and cut it layer by layer. A simple square takes long enough, but imagine an angel, a snowflake, or a Greek letter! Instead, the GO! Dies and GO! Fabric Cutters take the tediousness out of the cutting process. When you can cut extra fabric pieces in a fraction of the time (six or eight pieces in one swift roll, for example), your valuable time can be spent on the part of quilting you cherish most – piecing the quilt together. Used with any of the GO! Fabric Cutters, the GO! Dies cut your pieces 90% faster, with unbelievable precision.

In fact, with the many options available at AccuQuilt, you may never have to cut your fabric by hand again. Basic blocks and strips are just the beginning, when you can choose from classic shapes, letters, favorite animals, pastimes, celebrations, and dies you might never have imagined. And if you can imagine a die you can’t find, work with AccuQuilt on a custom creation. We’ll take care of the details, so you can get back to your quilting.


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