Mrs. Claus Wants a New GO! Big Qubed Starter Set

Dec 8, 2016 2:51:03 PM / by AccuQuilt

Mrs. Claus wants a New GO! Big Qubed Starter Set. At least the mysterious copy of the letter received at AccuQuilt seems to indicate that. We don't know who sent it to us, but we hope she gets what she wants for Christmas. Just in case you fall in love with the New GO! Qubed Starter Set too, you might want to give this letter to your favorite Santa. (Maybe under his pillow, in the car, in his golf bag, in his tool box)?

My Dearest Santa,

I just saw the New GO! Big Qubed Starter Set and I really, really want (need) it. Now! I know you don’t normally deliver my presents before Christmas, but you must order now to get a $30.00 Rebate and Save Over $499.74! That's a huge value. Besides, I will be so disappointed if they run out of these new sets, because I hear they are selling out fast. Here is a picture of it!




I will be able to make an endless number of quilts using the GO! Big electric cutter and the 55 GO! Qube dies included in the New GO! Big Qubed Starter Set. I can’t sit still thinking of the 157 quilt patterns that come with it. Gosh, I will be able to make quilts for Rudolf and all the elves. My fingers are just itching to get stitching.

Truly, my heart is going pitty pat at the idea of using all of the 20 tools included. All I need to add is my fabric and my sewing machine and I’ll have the best-equipped sewing room at the North Pole.

Look at the list of everything that’s in the NEW GO! Big Qubed Starter Set at the end of this letter. There’s so much that you'll think the reindeer won't be able to pull the sleigh. You won't believe this entire set is only $1984.88 (regularly $2494.62). Golly, you spent ten times that amount last month on that noisy cherry-red snowmobile!

Just imagine how happy all these quilting goodies will make me. I’ll never have to come out of my sewing room again! I won’t have time to cook or clean. I do promise to continue to bake your cookies, though.

So, I’m hanging the mistletoe and warming up the oven. However, if you don’t order quickly and AccuQuilt runs out of the new sets, the cookie deal is off.

Warning: If I have to buy the New GO! Big Qubed Starter Set myself, the mistletoe comes down, too.

Santa Dearest, Click Here For a $30.00 Rebate and  $499.74 in Savings- NOW!

Itchin' to Stitch,

Your Mrs. Claus


Look at this list of what’s included in the new GO! Big Qubed Starter Set and be amazed at what a great value it is!

  • GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter Starter Set
  • GO! Flying Geese-3 1/2" x 6 1/2" (3" x 6" Finished)
  • GO! Cutting Mat-6" x 12"
  • GO! Qube 6" Mix & Match Block
  • GO! Qube 8" Mix & Match Block
  • GO! Qube 9" Mix & Match Block
  • GO! Qube 12" Mix & Match Block
  • GO! Qube 6" Companion Set-Classics
  • GO! Qube 8" Companion Set-Classics
  • GO! Qube 9" Companion Set-Classics
  • GO! Qube 12" Companion Set-Classics
  • GO! Qube Specialty Set-Serendipity by Edyta Sitar
  • GO! Strip Cutter-2 1/2"
  • GO! Cutting Mat-10" x 24"
  • GO! Sampler Mix & Match Blocks & Quilts Pattern Book by Eleanor Burns
  • GO! Quilting Ruler-12" x 12"
  • GO! Quilting Ruler-6"x 24"
  • GO! Rotary Cutting Mat-18" x 24"
  • GO! Rotary Cutting Mat-24" x 36"
  • GO! 45mm Rotary Cutter


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