Quilting for Beginners: Choosing the Right Fabric Cutter

Aug 21, 2015 8:43:38 AM / by AccuQuilt

Quilting for beginners will be much more joyful if adding a fabric cutter to your growing quilting supplies. Cutting fabric is typically the least favorite part of quilting, so the amount of time you’ll save on cutting it with our fabric cutters is significant. Our fabric cutters are 90 percent faster than rotary cutters and scissors, thereby reducing hand and arm strain. So, we mean it when we say, “Cut time, so you can quilt more.” It really is just that simple.

Once you’ve taken the leap and decided it’s time for a fabric cutter, then you should weigh the options available to you. First, determine how much you’ll utilize your fabric cutter. To do this, ask yourself a few questions. How much quilting am I planning to do? What types of projects will I mostly create—large or small? Am I planning to travel to retreats/classes with it; therefore should it be easy to transport? Do I have space limitations in my home for a large cutter? No matter how you answer these questions, we have a fabric cutter that will certainly fit your needs.

Our line of fabric cutters includes the GO! Baby®, GO!®, GO! Big®, and Studio 2™. All of our fabric cutters are safe and easy to use. In fact, if you are teaching your kids to quilt, our cutters are a fantastic way to conduct that first lesson.

The information below will help you to decide on the best cutter for your quilting needs.

GO! Baby Fabric Cutter

Our GO! Baby Fabric Cutter is an ultra-portable fabric cutter, weighing in at a minimal 8.5 pounds. You can take your GO! Baby anywhere . . . quilting retreats, classes, a quilt-up with friends, and so on. In fact, it is so transportable that it’ll fit easily into your luggage when traveling. The GO! Baby is the best cutter for those who are beginner or occasional quilters. Additionally, if you’ll primarily be creating small appliqué projects and cutting shapes smaller than 5”, then the GO! Baby is for you. Also, more than 130 GO! dies are compatible with the GO! Baby. The GO! Baby works the same as the GO!, accurately and easily cutting up to 6 layers of 100% cotton fabric. For you fabric crafters out there, GO! cutters not only cut cotton, they will also cut a wide variety of fabrics such as wool, flannel, fleece and denim.

The GO! Baby Fabric Cutter Starter Set includes two GO! dies: GO! Tumbler-4 ½” (55445) and GO! Flower (55446), a 6” x 6” cutting mat, and a 12-page pattern & idea booklet so you can start creating right away.


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GO! Fabric Cutter

The GO! Fabric Cutter is our most popular cutter because it’s for quilters of all skill levels and weighs only 15 pounds, making it another portable option for quilters. Because it’s a little larger than the GO! Baby, it’s a great choice for those quilters who make small, medium, or large projects. The GO! is great if you mostly make patchwork blocks and like making classic quilt block designs like Log Cabin and Churn Dash. Further, if you cut shapes larger than 5” or cut a large amount of strips for piecing, binding, and borders, you’ll love the GO!, as it’s compatible with ALL of our more than 200 GO! dies with the exception of the GO! Big dies. The GO! also cuts up to six layers of fabric at a time and a wide variety of fabrics such as wool, flannel, fleece and denim.

The GO! Fabric Cutter Starter Set comes with the GO! Value Die (55018), a 6" x 12" cutting mat, a die pick, and a 20-page pattern booklet which includes 12 block patterns and a sampler quilt pattern.


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GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter

The GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter is not only the newest cutter we have released, but because of its electric function it is also our fastest cutter. Quilters of all skill levels will enjoy using the GO! Big for their quilting projects. It cuts up to six layers of fabric at a time and although it’s 23 pounds, it’s still somewhat portable. Additionally, the electric function maximizes efficiency and alleviates hand and arm strain. This is a splendid feature for those quilters who have physical ailments that have prevented them from quilting because using the rotary cutter became too strenuous for them. We can’t stress enough the ease of using this electric cutter. The GO! Big is compatible with all of our GO! dies and GO! Big dies. (It is critical to note that the Studio fabric cutting dies are not compatible with the GO! Big dies.)

The GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter Starter Set comes with the GO! Flying Geese Die (55456), a 6" x 12" cutting mat and a FREE 20–page pattern booklet which includes five Flying Geese patterns.


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Studio 2 Fabric Cutter

The Studio 2 Fabric Cutter, formerly known as the Studio, has a new foldable design feature making it easier for storage. For previous owners of the Studio, we have a Studio 2 Conversion Kit available for purchase, so users can easily convert their Studios to the foldable design. The Studio 2 is the grandfather of all of our fabric cutters and is generally meant for high-volume quilters and for commercial use. If you make a large amount of quilts every year or own a quilt shop or fabric store, then you can’t go wrong with this cutter. The Studio 2 cuts up to 10 layers of fabric at a time, the most of all of our cutters. Because of its heavy-duty cutting capabilities, the Studio 2 is a stationary fabric cutter, as it weighs 32 pounds. Therefore, you will need ample workspace to accommodate the size of this cutter. However, with the new foldable design you are now able to conveniently store it away if necessary. Many quilters love the Studio 2 because it gives them the best options as far as fabric-cutting dies. With the Studio 2, you can use all of our more than 640 Studio and GO! dies (when using the GO! Die Adapters for Studio). Some feel that this perk alone makes the Studio 2 the best choice for them.


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Once you have selected your fabric cutter, you’ll be on your way to the most accurate fabric cutting you’ve ever experienced. And to help you remember which dies are compatible with which cutter, see the die categories on our website. Also, whenever you click on a specific die, it will tell you which fabric cutters you can use with that die, so you’ll never have to worry about buying the wrong die for your machine.

We can’t wait for you to experience rolling your fabric through one of our fabric cutters for the first time or pressing the button of the electric version. Having said that, welcome aboard in advance!


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