Repurpose Your Old Furniture and Create the Perfect Sewing Room

Jun 23, 2015 11:01:21 AM / by AccuQuilt

Hi everyone! My name Karen Way, from the blog Sew Many Ways. I am so happy to be here as a guest blogger for AccuQuilt! Today, I wanted to share a post with you about tips and tricks for making a sewing table for your creative space. I put together this post from several posts I've done on my blog over the years. No matter how large your sewing area, you can adapt these ideas for your needs.

I've been sewing for most all of my life and the area where I sew and the table I sew on has changed a thousand times. The one most important thing I've learned over all these years, for me, is the height of my sewing desk. I am 5' 3" and my sewing table needs to be low, so I am not reaching "up" to my machine. For that reason, I have had to create my own sewing table from things I have around the house, combined with things I've purchased. Sewing at the dining room table or on a conventional desk hasn’t worked for me because they can be a real strain on my back and neck.

A basic sewing table consists of two things...a top and sides for support. Here are some of the ways I have "made" a sewing desk over the years!

My latest desk in my craft room today is made from two wooden storage boxes on each side. The boxes are stacked and bracketed together for support. Then I searched my basement and found an old coffee table for the top. I used "L" brackets to attach the top to the sides. I created an instant desk at the perfect height for me...24-26 inches high.




Here is another desk I've had in the past.




This is how it first looked when I made it.


sew many ways desks_103


I bought a hollow core door at a hardware store for $20.00




I used two old end tables that I painted black for the side supports. I removed the legs so it would be the perfect height.




I eventually covered the desk with vinyl fabric you can buy in a package or by the yard in most craft stores.




Here, I added a salvaged typing cart that I placed at an angle to the desk. Perfect for my second machine. I keep light colored thread in one machine and dark colored thread in the other. Always ready for any project or a friend to sew with!




There are other workspaces in my craft room that I have created from found objects!! This is my AccuQuilt cutting center!!




I had two drawers left over from a kitchen renovation that I attached together for one side. The perk with using drawers placed on their side...bookshelf!!




Then I used a file cabinet for the other side. You can use shims or thin pieces of wood to make up for needed height.


sew many ways desks_109


I attached the old sewing desk hollow core door and instant cutting center.


sew many ways desks_110


My main fabric-cutting table is another area that was transformed to reach the height I needed.


sew many ways desks_111


When I am rotary cutting, I don't want to lean over a lower table...more back strain. So here's the solution. This is an old farm style dining room table with a piece added to each leg to raise it up. Can you see what it is?


sew many ways desks_112


It's a fence post finial!!


sew many ways desks_113


You can buy them in any hardware store for about $3 each. You just need to make sure the original leg is wide or thick enough to screw the finial into.


sew many ways desks_114


I've also used bed risers to accomplish the same result.


sew many ways desks_115


My space has evolved over the years from sewing in a closet, to the basement, to a space I made from all salvaged furniture. One tip to make old or salvage furniture look cohesive is to paint it all the same it belongs with everything else! No matter where you create, make it a space to call your own.


sew many ways desks_118


I have this quote in my home and on my blog and I truly believe it.


sew many ways desks_119


I hope you can stop by my blog for more creative ideas and a new post coming in a few weeks with one of the new AccuQuilt dies...the GO! Orange Peel - 4 1/2"!




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