International Women's Day: How Quilters Challenge Creativity

Mar 6, 2021 10:00:00 AM / by AccuQuilt

March is National Women's History Month and March 8th marks International Women's Day, a global day dedicated to celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Not all quilters are women, but many amazing women use the craft to to support each of those very accomplishments. Quilting is an incredible art which means that it speaks volumes about the world around us as well as the artist who create them. From themed pieces with commentary to scrappy throws made of upcycled materials, quilts are just as social, economic, cultural and political as the women who help make them. We asked the women of our GO! Getters team to tell us how they challenge their quilting and the quilter status quo in 2021. 


Our Challenge 

As no two stitches are alike and all fabric is unique, the AccuQuilt quilter is as original as it gets. In 2021 and every year, we are focused on lifting the voices of artists everywhere. We choose to challenge ourselves and make decisions that spread positivity through the joy of quilting. We're starting right here with our own team, so read on to hear from our diverse team of GO! Getters!

International Womens Day-quilt

Featured Pattern: GO! Qube 6" Plus Points Quilt Pattern (PQ11472)


Terri Vanden Bosch

I am going to TRY and do a project just for me once a month! I spend most of my day either working on the farm, quilting customer quilts freehand on the longarm, or doing various freelance design work for various companies in the quilting industry. The projects I have in mind are some things with machine embroidery. I find that machine embroidery is so relaxing for me. Just push the button and watch the machine do it's thing! Change thread color when it beeps. And viola--a pretty design to enjoy! Will see how this goes--as that was my challenge for last year too! LOL and I only did one project!


Suzy Webster

I always think about what I could do differently. What hasn't been done before or how could I change something to make it my own. I like to try to think outside the box or think about what I can add to a project. Perhaps it's simply a color scheme I haven't used before or a challenging fabric to use. It's fun to challenge myself to do something new and different.


HollyAnne Knight

I'm challenging my creativity in quilting in 2021 with lots of collaboration. I've been reading a really incredible book about neuroscience called Spark, and while quilting may not lend itself to the cardiovascular exercise the book recommends, quilting certainly provides ample opportunity for complex creative problems and social engagement. Adding to my roster of collaborative projects for the year has me developing new skills and new relationships-- which feels amazingly refreshing after the long challenge of 2020!


Melissa Corry

I am always trying to learn new things in my creative world and I think it is so good to challenge ourselves to reach outside our creative comfort zone. This year, I am planning on writing a third book which is always a creative stretching process. I also want to create more scrap quilts this year and really play with color while doing so. I think color play is a wonderful way to really get creative with your quilting. I am thinking of making an all neutral quilt, as I have never done that before and I think it would just be oh so stunning. I also want to play with monochromatic quilts and really pull apart the hues and tones in one color family. Finally, I am planning to do more custom quilting this year to really stretch my free motion skills and hopefully improve my ruler work. It is going to be a wonderful year of Happy Quilting!!


Lori Miller

I have a few things planned to challenge my creativity in Quilting.

First, I set goals for myself for the year for both personal and business related projects. They are high level but I review them every few weeks and choose specific things to work towards them. When I am organized, I prioritize and that leaves time for fun, creative things.
Next, I am planning to take a few classes to learn something new. I have added this to my goals too. Just by taking a class, I tend to get inspired or want to try the new skills I have learned. My creative juices flow.

I am also planning to keep a journal of ideas. I will take the time to brainstorm and think about new designs and patterns and jot them down or sketch a rough picture. I will look at trends and current colors and use them for inspiration. I plan to write it all down with no judgement to get all the thoughts on paper and see what will flow from there.


Elaine Bergman

After making over 100 quilts in the last few years, I'm challenging myself by turning my quilts into wearable garments. Quilt coats are making a statement in a BIG way, and I'm excited to see where my creativity takes me with them!


Jen Belnap

I plan on challenging myself through the design process. I love to design new quilts and then figure out all of the math and cutting requirements to create a new pattern. It is hard work! And I hope to do more of it this year!


Melanie Call

My plan for challenging my quilting more in 2021 is trying new techniques and blocks! I want to use my embroidery machine more in my quilting and an easy PLUS fun way is to use the free downloadable AccuQuilt embroidery designs that coordinate with the AccuQuilt dies! I definitely need to use the unicorn embroidery file with the Western Medley die as my daughter is unicorn obsessed! I also love making new blocks and the AccuQuilt BOB dies are perfect for this! I get to make a new quilt block with perfectly cut pieces, which makes sewing the block so much easier!


Laura Strickland

I plan on challenging my creativity this year in quilting by embracing my family heritage, all aspects of it and those cultural influences on quilting as a women's art. I have designed a sampler quilt that celebrates the Native American contribution to quilting. I am embracing the modern aesthetic as well as modern quilting techniques while celebrating traditional Native American patterns, iconography, quilting history, and feminine fiber arts techniques. As a traditional American Women's Art form quilting is most highly influenced by African-American and Native American women artists. Bringing quilting into the genre of female and feminist art forms from where it has been historically and currently relegated to the genre of craft is the next step for us as female fiber artists to be seen as significant, relevant, and on equal standing with male artists in more traditional genres.


We hope you enjoyed learning from our team while honoring the women of our history and future. Now, how do you choose to challenge your quilting? Tell us in the comments and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and TikTok


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