5 Ways to Keep English Paper Piecing Organized

Sep 29, 2020 11:11:09 AM / by Erica Bottger

Projects of any kind need organization and English Paper Piecing projects are no exception. Think of all the pieces involved – both fabric and templates – and about the time that you have cut 100 or so paper templates... Now what?


Well, you aren’t alone! Organization is a common theme among fans of EPP, as you need may need different organization solutions for your different steps along the way. From putting together a travel kit to corralling your basted pieces to keeping track of your “blocks” here are some great ideas to help keep your projects together and on track.


Zip It Up

Zipper bags are a clear winner for EPP projects. Clear bags make it even easier to keep track of all your parts and find what you need to take your project on the go with you, but they also work for keeping your fabric and templates together and ready to baste. Check out our blog post on how to put together an EPP travel kit for more information.


Simple re-sealable sandwich or snack size bags are a great, inexpensive solution. These are great for keeping your pieces sorted inside a larger bag. Larger size bags can hold your “blocks” before you start sewing them together.



Craft Storage Solutions

It’s not a surprise that many a great organization solution for EPP can be found looking at your local craft store. Look for small bins with tops that fasten securely for your best results. Remember to look for containers to hold your basted pieces as well as your “blocks” before you sew them together. Some art/craft totes have dividers to keep your pieces in order as well. If you have a specific project in mind that you want to organize, consider taking sample pieces along with you to the store so you can be sure they will work the way you want them to!


Lunch, Anyone?

Check out plastic lunch boxes as a possible EPP storage and organization solution. Often these come with built in dividers, designed to keep different foods apart. You can also find ones with stackable levels, and even ones that have sections with pop on and off tops designed for dip or salad dressing – how great is that to keep your pins, needles and clips safe?


“Honey, can we go look at fishing gear?”

Would someone near and dear to you be amazed to hear you say these words? Well, you might be amazed to see the possible EPP organization solutions waiting for you alongside rods and reels! Here you can find plastic storage boxes with dividers for keeping your basted shapes all lined up, but also bait binders that hold clear zip bags, perfect for keeping your blocks safe and sound until you are ready to sew them all together. Don’t be afraid to look outside of the “box” for your organizing solutions – just because it’s designed to hold flies doesn’t mean it can’t hold your EPP!



Maybe your solution is as close as your sewing machine, with making a bag or folder yourself. How cute would it be to make a EPP bag with EPP? Well, look no further than this free zipper pouch downloadable pattern from AccuQuilt.



Our friends from byannie.com have some great bag and organizer patterns to choose from. Check out their Hold Everything and A Place for Everything organizer patterns on their website.


With so many options available, don’t be afraid to take your time and look for the one that suits your needs the best – or to try out more than one! Do you have your own unique solution for keeping your EPP projects organized? We’d love to see them!


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Erica Bottger

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