A Knottical Patriotic Quilt Pattern For Breezy Summer Days

May 27, 2020 8:18:25 AM / by Bea Lee

Hi it's me Bea from Beaquilter.com again, here to show you how I made this cute "knottical" quilt using the Limited Edition GO! Nautical Medley die (55497)! The colors are perfect for the upcoming Fourth of July or summery nautical décor! The quilt finishes at 48 inches by 60 inches which makes it a great lap quilt for warm but breezy nights or wall hanging for nautical décor.


Click here to download the pattern here!

nautical quilt12





  • White 2 ¼ yard
  • Grey ½ yard
  • Red 1 yard
  • Blue ¾ yard
  • Brown ½ yard or scraps
  • Binding (I used white) ⅝ yard
  • Batting 52" x 64"
  • Backing 54" x 66" or 3 yards
  • Fusible (and stabilizer and embroidery files if you're doing machine embroidery like I did)


nautical die quilt1


With white, I cut out four 7" WOF strips and with Shape 1 of the GO! Qube 12" set I cut out 24 squares. Then I cut out three 7 ¾" WOF strips and with Shape 4 (also of the GO! Qube 12" set), I cut out 48 quarter square triangles (QSTs).


I also cut five 2 ½" WOF strips with the strip cutter die, I actually cut out 12 so I had enough for binding too! Then I cut two 5 ¾" WOF strips and with Shape 4 from the GO! Qube 8" set I cut out 52 QSTs. Lastly, from scraps I use Shape 3 from the GO! Qube 8" set and cut out 4 HSTs.

nautical die quilt2


With Grey I cut two 7 ¾" WOF strips and with Shape 4 from the GO! Qube 12" set I cut 24 QSTs. Repeat with the red! Also from the red, I cut two 5 ¾" WOF strips and from Shape 4 of the GO! Qube 8" set I cut out 52 QSTs. With leftover red scraps, I used Shape 3 from the GO! Qube 8" set and cut out 4 HSTs.


From the blue, I cut four 5 ¼" WOF strips and with Shape 3 from the GO! Qube 8", set I cut out 52 HSTs.

nautical die quilt3


With scraps of brown, grey and blue, I ironed fusible onto the back of the fabric. For mine, it didn't matter because I used solids, but keep that in mind if you use patterned or directional fabrics. 

nautical die


Then laid them on the die and cut out the shapes. AHOY MATEY!

nautical die2


I machine embroidered the nautical blocks, so I first downloaded the free designs and added them to my machine, then added a stabilizer in my 5x7 hoop and marked the middle and outer points (I have this plastic insert with each hoop that has holes to mark your fabric). I also drew lines down the middle of the white 6 ½" squares with FriXion erasable pens.


I then inserted a pin straight in the center of my fabric block and matched it to the center point on the stabilizer in the hoop. The lines should line up with the dots and then I spray baste it down. (Marjorie Busby has shown detailed tutorials on this before)

nautical prep


Then I stitched the outline stitch and then peel back the fusible of the shape and press it in place with a hot iron, I have a small Oliso craft iron that works great and gets really hot!



Then I stitch out the design in matching threads!



Back to sewing the blocks together, they are all very simple. There's grey and white as well as red and white QST blocks. I first sewed the QSTs together, the same with the border blocks, they start off similar but the red and white is flipped and then 4 HSTs for the corner border blocks

knottical blocks1


When done, you should have 12 of each red and white QSTs, 12 grey and white QSTs and 52 of the border blocks.

knottical blocks2


With the border blocks, I flipped half the blocks and sewed them together like below. The top border has 10 blocks and the sides have 13. You have to look at the final picture to make sure the "knotted braid" is right.



Following the pattern,I laid out the QSTs and squares and included the appliquéd/embroidered squares, flipping the QSTs on every other row to make them look like large stars.

nautical quilt6
nautical quilt7
Once I had it arranged properly, I sewed the 2½" strips as an inner border and with the "knottical braids" and corner HSTs, like below:nautical quilt11


And here it is all quilted!

nautical quilt12


I long arm quilted large waves from edge to edge with white thread.

nautical quilt13


It's a fun and quite simple quilt to make! and you can find the pattern on AccuQuilt's website! You can use this pattern with any appliqué of course and in any colors. I'm already thinking of other quilts to add these knotted the borders to! :)


Have fun!


Click here to download the pattern here!



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