New Square Dies are Something to Dance About

Mar 15, 2022 2:00:00 PM / by Erica Bottger

Grab a cutter and do-si-so! AccuQuilt is here to make your day with the introduction of FOUR new square dies quilters have been clamoring for:


These new dies are certainly something to dance about!

4 Square Dies

Perfect Squares for Perfect Quilts

These new squares will not only release new creative possibilities for quilters with these quick and accurate squares, but they make the perfect partner for some of your favorite blocks.

So, what’s so exciting about them?


  • The bigger the square, the harder it is to cut accurately by hand
  • They match up with Qube blocks
  • They match up with Block on Board, or BOB, blocks
  • You can use them as setting squares to set blocks on point
  • Of course, the bigger the block, the quicker the quilt!
  • Plus, there's more space for applique designs


You may already have some creative ideas churning in your quilting brain, but here are some of the new, free downloadable patterns that use these exciting new dies.



GO! Square - 5 1/2” (5” Finished)

Raindrops & Rainbows Throw Quilt Free Pattern_web


Delightful Drops of Color

There may be raindrops, but the GO! Raindrops & Rainbows Throw Quilt is bright and sunny.

These raindrops are created with the GO! Orange Peel Die, and simply appliqued onto a rainbow of squares for a look that’s anything but gloomy.


GO! Raindrops and Rainbows Free Quilt Pattern


Flash of Lightning Wall Hanging  Free Pattern_web


Teamwork Makes Dreamy Projects

Teaming up these new squares with BOB blocks will make stunning projects easier than ever.

Look at the great effect you get teaming up the GO! Square - 5 1/2” (5” Finished) with the GO! Pineapple BOB that finishes at 10” in the GO! Flash of Lightning Wall Hanging.

The secondary pattern created by the squares turns this into a show-stopper for sure.


GO! Flash of Lightning Wall Hanging Free Pattern


GO! Square - 7 1/2” (7” Finished)

Stacked Circles Throw Quilt  Free Pattern_web


From Classic to Fresh

It all adds up. Turn classic Drunkard’s Path blocks into something fresh and new. Combine the new GO! Square - 7 1/2” (7” Finished) with the GO! Drunkard’s Path - 7” Finished and the GO! Drunkard’s Path - 3 1/2” Finished to create the GO! Stacked Circles Throw Quilt!

Looking for something a bit more traditional? Check out the pattern in GO! Quilt, AccuQuilt’s free design program, where you can audition different fabric lines and colors to create a look that’s uniquely yours.


GO! Stacked Circles Throw Quilt Free Pattern


Time to GO! Big!

Big squares call for big dies – GO! Big dies, that is! The new dies - cutting 9 1/2” and 10 1/2” squares - will only work with the GO! Big Fabric Cutter (or a Studio Cutter with the appropriate adaptor) and laying out your fabric correctly was never more important!

When using these dies, be sure to lay your fabric on the die so the lengthwise grain of the fabric is lined up at the same angle as the lengthwise blades as it goes through the cutter! Be sure that you also have a GO! Big Cutting Mat-14” x 16” handy!



GO! Square - 9 1/2” (9” Finished)

Starburst Throw Quilt  Free Pattern_web


A Star’s Been Born

Your GO! Qube Mix & Match 9” Finished Block has a new Best Quilting Friend (BQF) in the GO! Big Square - 9 1/2” (9” Finished) to create multiple projects - including the GO! Starburst Throw Quilt.

This project is accented with the GO! Qube 6” Companion Sets, both Corners and Angles, and made easy with the GO! Setting Triangles - 9” Finished.


GO! Starburst Throw Quilt Free Pattern


GO! Square - 10 1/2” (10” Finished)



Sparkle Time

Want to see the new GO! Big Square - 10 1/2” (10” Finished) really shine?

Check out the GO! A Dozen Gems Throw Quilt and see the magic it creates when set on point with the GO! Pickle Dish and GO! Setting Triangles-10” Finished.

This quilt is a gem that anyone can make with ease.


GO! A Dozen Gems Throw Quilt Free Pattern



Dancing on Air Throw Quilt  Free Pattern_web


More Space for Embroidery Fun

Just look at what you can create with the GO! Big Square - 10 1/2” (10” Finished) to highlight applique!

The GO! Dancing on Air Throw Quilt features our biggest square yet to create the background for the GO! Dancing Umbrella by Edyta Sitar - set off perfectly with the GO! Bear’s Paw BOB Die!





16 New Quilt Patterns to Create!

Looking for more inspiration? Be sure to check out all 16 quilt patterns for this product launch that are free downloads at AccuQuilt.

We can’t wait to see what you create with these new squares!

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Erica Bottger

Written by Erica Bottger