Last Minute Gift: Phone Holder

Dec 14, 2021 8:30:00 AM / by Suzy Webster

This phone holder is perfect as a last-minute gift for the holidays! I made one of these for my mom for her birthday and she absolutely loves it! 


Last-Minute DIY Holiday Gift

Since the pandemic started, I’ve been trying not to carry a purse when I go out on errands. In the winter this is easy because I can throw everything in my jacket pocket.

However, with spring coming in a few months I wanted to have a small phone holder for when my pockets aren’t big enough. Why do they make women’s pants that way? 

The holidays are in full swing - so let's get started on this fantastic gift!


Materials Needed:

AccuQuilt 6 ½” strip cutter die

AccuQuilt 2 ¼” strip cutter die

Quilting Ruler 6” x 24” or similar in size

¼ yard for the main fabric

¼ yard for the lining

¼ yard for binding accent

Batting 8” x 24”

Glue Stick (optional)


Fabric Marking Tool such as chalk pencil


  1. Cut one 6 ½” x width of fabric strip of the main fabric with your 6 ½” strip cutter.

  2. Cut two 2 ¼” x width of fabric strips of the binding accent fabric with the 2 ¼” strip cutter.

    DIY Fabric Phone Holder Gift

  3.  Take the 2 ¼” strips and cut one strip in the middle so you have two 20” pieces. Set one piece aside. Sew the second piece to the other strip to make an even longer strip. 

    Pro Tip:  I suggest doing this at an angle like is traditionally done for binding instead of sewing a straight seam.
  4. Fold over the ends of the long strip and stitch down the finished edge as shown below.

    DIY Fabric Phone Holder Gift 2

  5. Iron the long strip in half lengthwise like you do for binding a quilt. Then iron both sides to the centerfold as shown below.

    DIY Fabric Phone Holder Gift 3

  6. Take your 6 ½” strip and mark it as shown below. You will draw one line at 8” using your ruler. Draw a second line 8 inches further. See the next step for how to draw the triangle.


  7. When marking the triangle use the edge of your quilting ruler to get a 90-degree angle.  Start by marking a line in the center of the fabric (at 3 ¼”). Then, lay the ruler on top to draw the triangle.

    DIY Fabric Phone Holder Gift 5a
    DIY Fabric Phone Holder Gift 5b

    You can see from the picture to the right why it is necessary to draw the line at 3 ¼”. I didn’t and the first time my triangle was off.

  8. Cut the remaining fabric above the triangle off leaving about 1” above the tip of the triangle.

  9. Cut a square of the extra piece of 6 ½” fabric for a pocket. To do this I ran the strip back through my 6 ½” strip cutter. Then fold over one side and sew down the fold to make a finished edge for the pocket.

    DIY Fabric Phone Holder Gift 6

  10. Cut lining fabric 2” larger than your main fabric. Layer lining fabric, batting, and main fabric. Quilt as desired. You have two lines drawn on your fabric 8” apart. Be sure to sew directly across these lines. They will make the folds of your bag and it’s easier to fold if there is a stitched line.

    DIY Fabric Phone Holder Gift 7a
    DIY Fabric Phone Holder Gift 7b

  11. Trim around the project cutting the outside edge and along the edges of the triangle.

  12. Find the remaining 2 ¼” strip you cut off earlier.  Iron it in half lengthwise like binding.

  13. Now we are going to bind the shorter edges of the bag. First, take the straight edge and cut a piece of binding slightly longer than it (7”). Sew the binding down. Then, turn it to the backside and stitch it in place. To hold the binding in place while I am topstitching it I use a glue stick to keep it in place. You could also use pins.

  14. Use the remaining binding strip to bind the triangle turning the corner as you usually do for a quilt with a mitered seam. Sew down the binding. Trim the remaining binding from the sides of the project so the edges are straight.

    DIY Fabric Phone Holder Gift 8a
    DIY Fabric Phone Holder Gift 8b

    DIY Fabric Phone Holder Gift 9

  15. Time to sew on the pocket! The red square in the drawing below shows where to place your pocket. Find the finished side of the top seam and make sure it is facing out. Then, you will stitch the sides of the pocket sewing ¼” from the edge of the project as shown by the blue lines below. The bottom of the pocket should be sewn right on top of the stitched line you have already sewn.

    In the picture, you can see I am carefully placing my pocket so it extends a little below my stitched line. After pinning the pocket in place, I sewed from the front side of my project so I could see the stitched line I needed to sew across.


    DIY Fabric Phone Holder Gift 10b
    DIY Fabric Phone Holder Gift 10c

  16. Cut a small square of velcro. Sew it to the tip of the triangle on the lining side of the project. Then, fold down the flap to figure out placement for the other side of the velcro. Pin the piece in place and stitch it to the right side of your project. Make sure to unfold your project so you don’t stitch through the whole thing.

    DIY Fabric Phone Holder Gift 11a
    DIY Fabric Phone Holder Gift 11b

  17. Now, it is time to finish the project with the strap. Take one side of the long piece and pin it to the bottom of the bag as shown in the photo. The seam should be right at the bottom edge of the bag.

    DIY Fabric Phone Holder Gift 12a
    DIY Fabric Phone Holder Gift 12b

Then, continue to pin the binding around the edge of the bag - making sure that when you stitch it the backside of the binding will also be sewn through. When you reach the top of the bag simply pin the edges of the binding fabric together. This will make the strap. Repeat this process on the other side of the bag. Be careful to make sure there isn’t a twist in your binding. Then, stitch about 1/16” to 1/8" away from the edge of the binding.

Pro Tip:  When I got to the top of the bag I went back and stitched that section again to provide reinforcement. You can add extra lines of stitching for more reinforcement as you desire.

DIY Fabric Phone Holder Gift Completed


The Perfect DIY Gift 

This project is perfect for last-minute gifts all year long! Be sure to share a photo of your project with us on social media. We'd love to see how it turns out! Don't forget, you can always embellish this gift to make it even more special. 

What's your favorite last-minute fabric gift? Share with us in the comment section.

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