Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Anyone on Your List

Nov 27, 2020 10:30:00 AM / by Erica Bottger

The gift-giving season is almost upon us - are you ready? If most of us are being honest with ourselves, we probably have left a few until the last minute, so here are some ideas for some quick and easy projects that will make it look like you’ve been planning and sewing for this all year long!


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For the Quilter

Do you need a hasty gift for a fellow quilter or sewist? The GO! Pincushion (55209) project die is the perfect answer. We have several free pincushion patterns available and you can have a few made and ready to gift in an evening. You’ll even have time to use the sewing theme appliqué shapes to make a custom gift tag!



For the Wee Ones

Did your cousin’s daughter just have a baby or did your neighbor’s grandchild just announce that they’re expecting? AccuQuilt has project dies to rescue you. The GO! Baby Bib (55864) and GO! Burp Cloth (55863) will solve that gifting dilemma. If you have a little extra time on your hands, AccuQuilt has plenty of great appliqué shapes with free, downloadable embroidery to personalize them.



For the Kitchen

While you’ve got the GO! Burp Cloth (55863) out, why not whip up some quick hot pads? Check out the free pattern for the GO! Double-Handed Hot Pad (PQ11614). Expand the gift by adding in a muffin tin, cupcake papers and some sprinkles – because everything is better with sprinkles!



And don't forget bowl cozies! The GO! Big Bowl Cozy (55208) for the GO! Big fabric cutter makes it easy to create customized bowl cozies for anyone on your list. Bust up some orphan blocks with the die or use small fabric scraps for patchwork cozies. Use character fabrics, favorite colors or decor preferences to inspire your personalization. Check out these DIY bowl cozy patterns!

Holiday bowl cozy_giving-1200


For the Ladies

Who couldn’t use a fun new zipper bag? Check out the GO! Happy Camper Zipper Pouch (PQ11699) for a gift that’s fun to pack up and take on the road. Make the gift extra special by filling it with fun and useful little gifts like lip balm, tissue packets, chewing gum – and, of course, a bottle of hand sanitizer!


For quilting ladies, how about turning it into a traveling binding kit? Add a package of needles, some small scissors and binding clips and you’re all set.

PQ11699-Happy Camper Zipper Pouch-BLOG


For the Gents

How about a fun glasses case? Check out the free pattern for the GO! Glasses Case (PQ11763)! This quick and easy pattern uses the dies that come with a GO! Me, and can be personalized for each person with fabric choices to reflect favorite colors, teams or activities.


For Children and Tweens

Check out the GO! Cute Cows Pillowcase pattern (PQ11554). If cows don’t strike the right cord, there are plenty of other appliqué shapes to choose from – hearts, stars, flowers, planes, trains…don’t forget the free, downloadable embroidery to make the project even quicker!



For the Family

There’s still time to create DIY stockings for the whole family! Match the fabrics to the person, use matching colors for different family units, embroidery or appliqué names on them – there are so many options! If you’re faced with celebrating virtually, fill them with fun little gifts to ship to the recipients in time for the big day.



You can also fill them with holiday goodies and deliver to your friends and neighbors.


If you have a little extra time, check out our free sewing patterns for great place mat and table runner ideas, too. Take a deep breath, there’s still plenty of time because AccuQuilt can help you cut time, so you can quilt more!


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Erica Bottger

Written by Erica Bottger