Make a Friendly Stuffed Owl with the GO! Me

Nov 21, 2018 2:00:00 PM / by Carolyn Beam

Hi, it's Carolyn Beam. I'm excited to share What a Hoot!—this 3D owl that I made with my grandson using the GO! Me. Parker and I love to make crafts, so I'm always on the lookout for family-friendly crafts we can make together. One thing that makes What a Hoot! so much fun for kids is that they can personalize their owls however they want—add fun details like a heart or flower or change the owl's expression just by changing the position of the eyes.


Parker had never used a fabric cutter before, but the GO! Me was easy for him, and he loved seeing the different shapes as they were cut.

What a Hoot! is made with felt, which can be found in craft supply stores in 9" x 12". One piece in each of the colors needed for the owl is sufficient.



Dark Brown, Light Brown, White and Black felt. Additional colors can be added to personalize the owl.


Dies Needed:

GO! Me Owl 55333
GO! Me Owl Accessories 55675 (included with GO! Me)


Additional Supplies Needed:

Dark brown thread (included with GO! Me)
Stuffing beads (or your favorite stuffing product)


Precut as follows:

Dark Brown: Precut 2—4 1/2" x 5" rectangles, cut 2 owl bodies

Dark Brown: Precut 1—2 3/4" x 3 1/2" rectangle, cut 1 owl base

Light Brown: Precut 1—1" square, cut 1 owl beak

Light Brown: Precut 2—1 1/2" x 2 1/2" rectangles, cut 2 owl wings

Light Brown: Precut 2—1 1/4" x 3 1/4" rectangles, cut 2 owl feathers

White: Precut 2—2" x 2" squares, cut 2—1 7/16" circles

Black: Precut 2—1" x 1" squares, cut 2—1/2" circles


Sewing Directions:

We sewed our owl by hand using a running stitch, but the owl can also be sewn by machine.


1. Mark the centers of both sides of the owl base with a pin. Pin the bottom of one owl to one side of the base.




2. Use a running stitch to sew one side of the base about 1/4" from the edges.




3. Pin the bottom of the second owl to the remaining edge of the base. Use a running stitch to sew the rest of the base.




4. Pin the two owl halves together from where they attach at the base (fold the base in half to pin the bottom of the owls) up to the ears. Sew the two halves together leaving an opening between the ears.




5. Remove the pins and stuff the owl with stuffing through the opening at the top (you can also use stuffing beads). Sew the opening closed. 




6. Glue the eyes (white and black circles) and wings, beak and feathers on. I used binder clips to hold the shapes in place while the glue was drying. You can also use little clothes pins or pins. 




You can make a variety of cute little animals using the dies that come with the GO! Me. The possibilities are endless!




Have fun with What a Hoot! Your children and grandchildren will love these and want to make one for their friends, teachers and relatives—a great gift idea!


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Carolyn Beam

Written by Carolyn Beam