How to Make Cute and Quick Camper Pot-Holders

Mar 31, 2020 8:21:27 AM / by Bea Lee

Do you have a few orphan blocks or a small amount of adorable fabric you'd love see get a good home? Get inspired by this tutorial and let your imagination soar. It goes together quick and easy and will be a perfect day project while you're homebound! Don't forget to check out what we're doing while we're quilting under quarantine, too.


Hi, it's Bea from! I'm here to show you how to make some cute and fun potholders using the GO! Camper (55228)! I wanted to use my leftover Michael Miller fabrics from the GO! Going Camping Quilt (PQ11698) I created and also give Marjorie Busby's GO! Camper machine embroidery designs.


camper potholders10




Prep for Embroidery

For in-depth directions on how to cut and embroider your GO! Camper shapes, download one of the GO! Camper patterns, like the GO! Going Camping Quilt (PQ11698). It's free!


Place stabilizer in the hoop and mark the centers, then draw lines down the middle and from side to side on the fabric. With a pin, I poke through the exact middle and also pin it straight down in the hoop, then spray baste it to the stabilizer and embroider.

nautical prep-1


Marjorie made some really cute GO! Camper files, but I chose one with birds and grass. I made two blocks like this:

camper stitched block


Constructing the Potholders

I cut the camper fabric to be a 8½" square with the GO! Square-8½" die (55058). Then I came up with a cute flying geese design for the back of the potholders. I used more of the teal camper fabric and then this beige floral print that was used for the windows on the camper block.


I used the GO! Qube 8" Mix & Match Block's shapes #4 and #5 to cut out 16 of the 4" HSTs (shape #4) and 32 of the 2" HSTs (shape #5) easy peasy!

camper potholders1


The teal fabric is directional, but it worked out just fine to make flying geese as long as I paid attention to block placement. Of course, you're more than welcome to look for fabric that doesn't offer this added challenge.

camper potholders3


I made sets of double flying geese, while still paying attention to the fabric direction. Then sewed two flying geese blocks together.

camper potholders4


Using leftover binding strips from the GO! Going Camping Quilt, I made two hanging tabs. They were also folded in half so I just had to make a few adjustments.

camper potholders5


I opened them up and folded the edges toward the middle. I pressed and topstitched, then trimmed to about 4".

camper potholders2


To make these into potholders, I first laid a piece of batting down that was larger than the 8½" block then a piece of Insul Bright from The Warm Company. Insul Bright protects against the heat and has metal flecks in it so it is crinkly. I laid the flying geese block on top, right side UP, then centered the hanging tag and pinned in place and then pinned the camper block on top, right side down. Pin through all layers.

camper potholders6


With a walking foot, I sewed around the edges with a ¼" seam, leaving an opening at the bottom for turning. Then I trimmed the batting with scissors and cut the corners - this helps reduce bulk when the hotpad is turned right-side out.

camper potholders7


Now you can start turning it. You might need to use something thin to help get the corners out all the way. The eraser end of a pencil or capped pen can work, just be careful not to put too much strain on the seams. I whip stitched the opening closed and top stitched about ¼" around the edges again. TADA!

camper potholders8

My husband made shepherd's pie recently and we used the potholders for that :)

camper potholders pie




Potholders are fun and easy to make and can also be great for orphan blocks- if you have two of them!


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Bea Lee

Written by Bea Lee