Memory Quilts: Creating Quilts of Comfort

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Memory quilts are an incredibly important comfort item that many people possess. If you’re unfamiliar with what they are, or if you’re often asked to make them, then this blog post is for you!



What is a Memory Quilt?

A memory quilt is a collection of memorabilia (usually clothing) to represent significant events and milestones or to celebrate someone’s life. They are a more creative way of displaying one’s memories or remembering a loved one while showcasing a beautiful quilt.


Memory Quilt by MemoryStitch

Why Memory Quilts are so Important

Memory quilts are important to remember the best times in one’s life, even if these events have been forgotten, or to memorialize a loved one who has passed away.

Memory quilts hold a lot of sentimentalities, so the first step is deciding on a theme. Popular memory quilt themes include anniversaries, weddings, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduations, retirements, births, and deaths.




Whatever the occasion may be, our Signature Block dies can help create the perfect pattern, border, or space for people to sign on a memory quilt for retirement, graduation, wedding, and any other meaningful event. If you need ideas for making your own memory quilt, then check out this blog post.

Before her retirement, my sorority’s house mother (a wonderful woman who looked after the sorority house and the members as a loving, yet authoritative figure) received a special memory quilt from the chapter. It showcased a collection of every bid day shirt (which is the day when new members pledge to join the sisterhood) from the time she joined us up until her last semester as our house mother.

We gifted it to her on the day we initiated her as an honorary member of the sorority so that she would always remember her time with us.



Memory Quilt by MemoryStitch Minky Backing

How Memory Quilts Are Often Made

Memory quilts are typically unique in design from one to the next. They range from an array of an individual’s old or outdated clothing, such as jerseys from their youth sports team or onesies when they were an infant, to an assortment of their best outfits after someone has passed to provide comfort to their loved ones.

In addition, sentimental fabric can also be used to make a memory quilt. As the saying goes, “A picture holds 1000 words.” Many people enjoy having their favorite photographs printed onto fabric - which are then stitched into a memory quilt.

I traveled to Poland one summer with a good friend who was from there originally. Using the pictures I had taken while there, I gifted him a customized memory quilt so that he could remember that trip and always have a significant piece of Poland with him in his home.



Premium King Memory Quilt by MemoryStitch for Customer Dawn D.

Memory Quilt Requests

Quilters are often asked by friends and family members to make memory quilts to commemorate special occasions.

Most quilters find great joy and honor in making baby quilts for a new member of the family or donating quilts to organizations to comfort others; however, sometimes, you just might not have the time, energy, or money to make one for someone else – which is ok and very valid.

If you ever find yourself in this position and you don’t want to let them down, you can offer them a solution. You can refer them to our sister company, MemoryStitch.


MemoryStitch Pillow


The team at MemoryStitch understands just how important it is to tell your story because the memories contained in your shirts, onesies, and more are precious keepsakes.

They can create an assortment of products like t-shirt quilts enhanced with Minky (called Fuzz Monstas) to t-shirt pillows.


Two Recent Graduates Sit on top of a Memory Quilt by Memory Stitch - One of Them Holds a Pillow by MemoryStitch


They’ve made the process to create a custom memory quilt is fast and easy ▶


MemoryStitch is a great option if you find yourself unable to help someone with their memory quilt request.


Memory Quilt by MemoryStitch 2

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Memory Quilts: An Important Keepsake

If you’ve ever owned a memory quilt, then you understand just how important these keepsakes are. Simply by wrapping yourself in one you are suddenly transported to another time and filled with warm comfort.


Memory Quilt by MemoryStitch Held up by Happy Customer


There may be nothing better than creating a memory quilt for someone. Have you ever created one for someone? What did you like most about the process? What did you dislike? Be sure to share with us in the comments!


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