Using Your Scrap Stash To Make A Modern Quilt

May 5, 2022 7:00:00 AM / by Suzy Webster

I have fallen in love with modern quilts. I love their simplicity and use of negative space. This particular quilt is easy to make and I had so much fun creating it!


Suzy Used Island Batik Fabric For This Project



GO! Use Your Fabric Scraps


Materials Needed:


  1. Cut 100 pieces of red fabric using Die 11.1.

  2. Cut 100 pieces of blue fabric using Die 12.1.

    Blue and Red Fabric Cut Using the GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter

  3. Sew pieces 11.1 and 12.1 together to make squares. Then, sew them into pairs, as shown below.



Sewn Pieces



  4. Sew the columns together. You will create five columns total.



Sewn Columns



  5. Sew the columns into the finished quilt.

  6. Layer and quilt. I chose to do wavy lines across the quilt to simulate a flag waving in the breeze.


Layering to Finish the Quilt


  7. Bind.


Finished Quilt


The Perfect Weekend Project 

As you can see, this project is simple and great for busting up scraps. I love how the final design came together, and it was so easy to complete!


If you make your own version of this tutorial, please share the photo on social media using the hashtag #AccuQuiltBuilt and don't forget to tag @websterquilt and @AccuQuilt so we can see your fun creation!

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Suzy Webster

Written by Suzy Webster

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