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Mar 19, 2020 8:00:00 AM / by Vicki Schlimmer

We're spending a lot of time at home right now, but that doesn't mean we have to wait for the weather to cooperate. Have sunshine around the clock with this beautiful, golden Morning Star Table Runner designed by Vicki from Vicki's Crafts and Quilting! Read on for the tutorial so you can create this project while you're quilting under quarantine!


Hi all, it’s Vicki from Vicki’s Crafts and Quilting and I had the opportunity to work with the GO! Morning Star-12" Finished die (55556). Though I spent the first few months of the year traveling, I didn't stop doing one of my favorite things: sewing. Luckily, I have the travel-friendly AccuQuilt GO! Me and was happy to hear this new die is compatible with it. Check out the sunny table runner I made!


This runner finishes at 18½” x 42½”.


Dies Used


  • For the blocks: 12 different yellows, cutting them into 4¾” strips for cutting A triangles. Use some of the leftovers of these to make the 12 B triangles also.
  • Outer border: ¼ yd. cut into three strips using the 2½" strip cutter.
  • Binding: ¼ yd. yellow cut into three strips with the 2½" strip cutter.
  • A triangles and small sashing: White fabric or white on white fabric. Cut two 4¼” x width of fabric (WOF) strips. And three 1½" x WOF strips.
  • Batting” 22” x 45”
  • Backing 22” x 45”


We will be making three 12” Morning Star blocks to complete this table runner. There are four units to each block. I made two identical units for each block with one group of six yellows, and the other two identical with the second group of six yellows.


The Process

Cut each of the twelve yellows into 4¾” x 12½".


Place one layer of each yellow (remembering you can cut up to six layers at one time) over the A triangles. This will cut the six A triangles of each yellow needed for three blocks. Separate the yellows into two groups of six.



Cut one B die of each yellow.

Cut 24 of A from the white.





This block may look hard at first, but it really isn’t. I was amazed, once again, at how easy AccuQuilt makes our piecing accurate. The triangles all have their corners trimmed so they line up perfectly. And no trimming is necessary. There are good instructions of the basic two color block with the die.


For Each Block

Place one white and one yellow right sides together and sew one long side. Press to the yellow.



Add a second yellow to the other long side, press to the yellow.



Add a third yellow A triangle to the top of this section and press this seam open. Notice that these are three different yellow prints.



Make another section like the one above using three different yellow A triangles.


Join these two sections together and add a B triangle as shown in the photo below. Press toward the B triangle. This makes one unit of the block.



Make another section using the other six yellow A triangles.


Sew these two units together to make half of the block. Press seam open.



Repeat to make an identical half of the block. Be sure to pay attention to your fabric layout if you want it identical. See my layout in the photo below. Now it is time to sew the half blocks together to make one whole block. Press seam open.



Repeat to make two more blocks.


Sew the three blocks together into a long rectangle and add the white 1½" sashing to the long sides first and then the short sides.


Using three of the 2½" yellow strips the last border goes on next, sewing the long sides first and then the short sides.



Quilt as desired. Bind using three 2½" yellow strips. This table runner will surely add some sunshine to your decor, even on cold cloudy winters!


I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial. If you make a runner I would love to see it. Share and tag AccuQuilt on Facebook and @AccuQuilt and @Vickiscraftsandquilting on Instagram.


Happy quilting!



What projects are you working on while homebound? We'd love to hear what you're quilting while under quarantine!

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Vicki Schlimmer

Written by Vicki Schlimmer

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