National Cat Day 2020: Celebrating Our Favorite Quilting Companion

Oct 28, 2020 10:50:45 AM / by AccuQuilt

National Cat Day is tomorrow but we're celebrating a little early and giving you a head's up that it's time to show your furry quilting buddy some appreciation. We're highlighting our cat dies, cat projects and introduce you to the cats of the AccuQuilt/TEK Brands family. We strongly suspect that our cats are just like yours with some wanting to run the house and some preferring to keep a low profile. Following our celebration of National Dog Day, we knew that our feline friends deserved their very own day in the spotlight.

Whether cats are naturally drawn to quilts or just called to be in the middle of whatever you are doing, quilty cat owners will testify that cats and quilts go together. 


Featured: GO! Sepia Kites Quilt Pattern (PQ10699)


Maybe that’s one reason the GO! Calico Cat (55065) has been such a popular die over the years. Here are some purr-fectly delightful quilt patterns you may want to make to make to celebrate your cat!

Celebrate your furry friend with our GO! Qube 12” Laura’s Kitty Quilt (PQ11040). This one is made with warm, fall tone fabrics that are just right for this time of year. For a different take on the same basic pattern, check our GO! Kitty-Kitty Quilt (PQ10110i) that’s set off perfectly by a fun piano-key border.


Both use our GO! Calico Cat die and are made easier with free downloadable embroidery. It’s almost Halloween, but you can whip up the GO! Witchy Cat Treat Sack (PQ10674) in no time! Take your GO! Calico Cat to a whole new level by adding a few other shapes and the clever GO! Calico Cat with Witch Hat Embroidery Designs by V-Stitch Designs (note that this is a paid downloadable embroidery design).


Keep the Halloween fun going with our GO! Quilted Cats & Bats Hall Hanging (PQ10414) that features the GO! Cat & Bat (55365). With free downloadable embroidery, you can have this wall hanging done in time to greet your trick-or-treaters!

To keep the fun going all year long, be sure to check the embroidery section for some great paid downloadable embroidery designs for Halloween, Christmas and more!


And now, we’re happy to introduce you to the cats who own our AccuQuilt and TEK Brands team members!

First, we are happy to introduce you to Blackjack. Blackjack is a rescue who recently inspired his furmom Leslie to make her very first quilt! Leslie is our AccuQuilt Administrative Support Coordinator, and you may recognize her as our virtual event moderator as well! Leslie's other kitty, Leela, is shy and likes to work behind the scenes.

Oscar belongs to Kristina, AccuQuilt's Social Media Specialist. As you can see, Oscar isn’t afraid to get right in the middle of things and “help” or to stand up and make his opinions known.
Kristina Stitched


Kendra's furry coworkers, Niska and Hamlet, have each made appearances on various AccuQuilt marketing meetings. They consider themselves all around productive assistants in Kendra's sewing room as well as crucial members of the team - no one has any objections.

Kendra Stitched 2


Speaking of coworkers, TekBrands's Chief of Staff Joy, has four furry officemates, including Taki and Cheeto. These two spend their day checking her work from their tall tower.

Joy B - Taki and Cheeto


Mayhem, or May for short, can often be found napping or watching wildlife from her favorite windows. AccuQuilt's Content Manager Marissa, reports she has a big personality, an even bigger attitude and love for minky and microfiber blankets.



This is Hiccup, Chief Marketing Officer Lynn's 12 year-old, 21.4 lb cat. When he first adopted Lynn's family, they thought he would always be on the small side, but just like his person, Hiccup is breaking molds.

Lynn-Hiccup Stitched


Cheese is VP of Finance, Jamie's quilting buddy. He loves to help by playing with fabric while she cuts and laying on her sewing table. She thinks it's because he wants her to pay attention to him first and foremost, however, Cheese knows the exercise is important for her productivity.

Jamie N - Cheese


Self-professed cat lady, JoAnna of the customer service team, considers her home an "insane zoo of animals". Her camera roll is filled with photos of her kids with playful, fluffy Jasper, as well as her nap captains, Midori, NeeChee and Loki.

JoAnna Stitched


Tweety Bird is 17 years young and enjoys sunbathing and taking naps. Customer Experience Supervisor, Amanda, is her furmom and has the pleasure of watching her and her furdog-sisters play together.

Amanda C-Tweety Bird

Visual Media Specialist, Chelsea has a family of four cats. First there is Din and she is quite the looker. Then there is Meeko who fell in love with Dante at first sight (see below for canoodling). Last, Dante's twin Katniss who is the baby of the bunch and has bravely fighting health issues.

Chelsea N Stitched


Marcelo has been a fantastic coworker to Zach, our Marketing Assistant and a cat-sized support to his humans as they navigate some big life goals!



Winnie and Marley are top-level supervisors for customer service advocate, Emily. 



You probably know Pam, AccuQuilt's Cutting Expert, but you might not know that she has a cat companion at home. This is Pearl!Pam H - Pearl


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