National Embroidery Month: 15 Stitch-Worthy Downloads

Feb 4, 2021 1:17:37 PM / by Erica Bottger

Welcome to National Embroidery Month! If you're an embroidery fan, AccuQuilt is a great addition to your tool box! From applique dies to free embroidery files, AccuQuilt makes the process quick and easy with perfect cuts every time. Yes, we said free. We have 3 downloadable embroidery stitches (satin stitch, blanket stitch and motif stitch) in all the major formats for each non-designer applique shapes! Of course, we also have amazing designer files too. Take a look!


Applique with AccuQuilt

If you’re new to AccuQuilt and fabric die cutting, here are some basics to keep in mind.

  • Pre-fuse your fabric before cutting your shape. We recommend using a featherweight or lightweight iron-on fusible – enough to make sure your shapes are secure on your project without making the fabric tougher than necessary for your machine to sew through. Since that fusible will count as half a layer of fabric, you can cut up to 4 layers of pre-fused quilting cotton in each pass through the cutter!

  • Play with different fabrics. But don’t stop there! AccuQuilt dies will cut a wide variety of fabrics. You can enhance your designs with wool, flannel, minky, felt and more! Keep in mind that you will need to cut fewer layers with thicker fabrics. We suggest starting with just one layer and working up from there.

Stitchworthy Downloads-PQ11839 GO! Gnomes Tea Towels

Featured Pattern: GO! Valentine Tea Towels Pattern


How to Download Embroidery Files

Getting started with the downloadable embroidery is simple! Start by logging into your AccuQuilt account. Next, go to the “Embroidery” section at the top of our site and start looking! Once you find a design you want to use, simply click the “Add to Downloads” button, and select the format you need for your machine. Refer to your machine's manual for the file type you need.

National Embroidery Month - File download screenshot


Once downloaded, you can add that design to a USB/flash drive and you are ready to roll. Note that the description of each design will include information on the hoop size that you will need. See the embroidery in action in this video featuring the GO! Gnome (55210).


Our Favorite Embroidery

From paid downloads by top designers to free stitches, AccuQuilt offers so many options for those we want to take their embroidery to the next level! We honestly cannot choose a favorite embroidery file, because it's incredibly difficult to choose a favorite applique die. We love them all, but we promised a number of stitch-worthy downloads to get your creative juices flowing, so we're going to try! With spring just around the corner, let’s look at some of our most popular seasonal designs for both free and paid downloads!



The GO! Spring Medley (55494) is one of our most popular seasonal dies. The free embroidery download includes the main shapes on the die – the egg, chick, bunny and basket. Take those shapes to a whole new level with the GO! Happy Easter Embroidery Designs by V-Stitch Designs.

Stitchworthy Embroidery - vq-haea-embroidery-happy easterEDIT

V-Stitch will take you on an Easter adventure using the GO! Cute Car (55354) and GO! Train (55367) using these innovative designs to create the GO! Easter Train Embroidery and GO! Easter Cute Car.Stitchworthy Embroidery - vq-ecc-embroidery-car1EDIT


Stitchworthy Embroidery - vq-etr-embroidery-easter-trainEDIT


Have you ever expanded your embroidery to include quilting in the hoop? Designer Marjorie Busby has done just that with her GO! Fun Flower Quilted in the Hoop Embroidery Designs featuring the popular GO! Fun Flower (55334).

Stitchworthy Embroidery - bq-ffqe-embroidery-flower-baseEDIT


Always innovator, Marjorie has also designed embroidery to make a Grandmother’s Flower Garden design possible without hand sewing using the GO! Hexagons-1”, 1 ½”, 2” Sides (55011) and her GO! Grandmother’s Flower Garden Machine Embroidery Set.

Stitchworthy Embroidery - bq-gfge-embroidery-flowers-baseEDIT


Year in and year out, AccuQuilt’s most popular couple has to be GO! Sunbonnet Sue (55061) and GO! Overall Sam (55062). Both have free embroidery downloads available, but why not go all out and dress them for the season!


GO! Mardi Gras Sunbonnet Sue Embroidery & GO! Mardi Gras Overall Sam Embroidery by V-Stitch Designs


Stitchworthy Embroidery - Mardi Gras SueEDIT
Stitchworthy Embroidery - Mardi Gras SamEDIT



GO! Sunbonnet Sue Bride Embroidery & GO! Overall Sam Groom Embroidery by V-Stitch Designs

Stitchworthy Embroidery - Sue BrideEDIT
Stitchworthy Embroidery - Sam GroomEDIT



The Power of Embroidery

The right embroidery design can completely transform an applique shape. From eggs to bunnies and horses to unicorns, we've been playing with the potential of our applique dies for quite some time. Check out some of our favorite transformations below!


GO! Unicorn Single 1 Embroidery & GO! Vampire Owl Embroidery by V-Stitch Designs

Stitchworthy Embroidery - VQ-US1-unicorn horseEDIT
Stitchworthy Embroidery - Owl VampireEDIT


GO! Chick Single #1 Embroidery Designs & GO! Bunny Egg Single #1 Embroidery Designs by V-Stitch Designs

Stitchworthy Embroidery - vq-cs1-embroidery-chickEDIT
Stitchworthy Embroidery - vq-bes1-embroidery-bunnyEDIT


So Happy National Embroidery Month to you! What’s under your needle?


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