Never Miss an AccuQuilt Facebook Live Again!

Feb 5, 2019 1:17:57 PM / by AccuQuilt

We do live videos on Facebook all the time. It’s a wonderful way of showing you, our followers and users, all the cool things we’re doing in our Dream Studio. We often cover product announcements and quilting tips as well as live cutting and sewing demonstrations. Even better, viewers can ask our experts questions and get answers in real-time, right then and there. Unfortunately, just “liking” us on Facebook might not be enough to be notified when we go live. Follow this process and you won’t miss AccuQuilt live on Facebook ever again!


Even better, with this tip you can control what your newsfeed features beyond just seeing our latest posts and videos.


On Desktop

We suggest using your computer if possible.


Step 1: Visit the AccuQuilt Facebook page!

If you aren’t logged in, you will need to do so to receive Facebook notifications. Hopefully you’re already following us, but if you aren’t, this is a great time to do so! Just click that “Like” button while you’re visiting.



Step 2: Click Live Videos in the sidebar menu.

In the left-hand menu, under the AccuQuilt logo, there is Live Videos tab. Click that button and see an archive of all of our past live videos.



Step 3: Click a video!

We definitely suggest this one called "Which AccuQuilt Fabric Cutter is right for you?" with Pam! Be sure that the video goes full page. If it doesn’t automatically, double click the video again and it should continue playing but full screen. Or just click the link above.



Step 4: Click the little bell icon.

A dropdown should appear. Select On, or the first option. You should also be able to see our next live event on our Facebook home page under the upcoming events. Feel free to click the “Interested” button so you can mark “Going” to RSVP.



Step 5: Wait for our next live video!

Now you’re all set. If you can’t make our live events, don’t sweat it! We post all our live videos on the Live Videos tab after they conclude.



On Mobile

Mobile device settings can vary, so the below screenshots may not match your view. If you are not seeing similar options, consider using your desktop or a tablet.


Step 1: Visit the AccuQuilt Facebook page on your app!

Again, you will need to login if you aren't already. If you aren't already following us, do so now so you can see our latest posts, including when we go live! Below the AccuQuilt header, there is a menu bar with options like, Home, About, Posts, etc. Drag your finger over the that menu until you see the Videos tab. Select the Video tab. 



Step 2: Choose the featured video. 

Start the featured video at the top of the Video tab. It should begin playing. AccuQuiltMobileFacebook Step2


Step 3: Select the bell.

At the bottom of the video, next the AccuQuilt logo, there are two buttons. One is a bell and the other says Following. Select the bell.



Step 4: Select "Turn on live notifications."

In the menu, choose the "Turn on live notifications" option. It should be next to a globe icon. 


Step 5: Wait for our next live video!

You should be all set, but if you can’t make our live events, we post all our live videos on the Videos tab after they conclude.


While you wait for our next Facebook live video, take a look at these share-worthy bag patterns to take to your next social event!


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