Organize Your Dies With AccuQuilt's 10th Anniversary Die Storage Cases

Jul 9, 2018 8:00:56 AM / by AccuQuilt

By Marjorie Busby

The AccuQuilt Limited-Edition 10th Anniversary Die Storage cases are still available. These cases hold all AccuQuilt dies that are 6" x 12" and 5" x 10". Each box contains two storage cases and each storage case holds four dies for a total of eight dies. And each die slips into it’s own sleeve.


This is the perfect way to organize AccuQuilt dies. From the comments on the Facebook group, it’s apparent that many of us like the dies that cut multiples. Those dies that cut multiples are perfect for really big projects and cutting kits for quilt retreats. The storage cases are a great solution for organizing the multiples dies that work together for a single finished block size. This makes creating customized “sets” easy to do and provides quick access to the dies in the set.

If you are an appliqué quilter, the storage cases are an essential part of your die library. The appliqué dies can be organized by season, geometric shapes and type. I have all of my flower dies together, all of my holiday dies together and all of the geometric shapes like hexagons and circles together.

Each case has a blank label for you to write on so that the dies inside are easily identified. And finding dies once they’re in the cases and labeled is so much easier than searching through the labels on each die to find the right one. When it’s time to reorganize or you get a new die, the labels are easily replaced keeping your die library always up to date.


We are all always looking for the most efficient storage space and are often limited by our existing space. One of the nicest things about the Limited-Edition 10th Anniversary Die Storage cases is they can fit onto a shelf in either configuration—standing up or on their sides.


So if you think summer is too hot to quilt, it’s the perfect time to organize your die storage.

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