No Sew Tree Skirts Made Easy

Nov 27, 2021 7:00:00 AM / by Erica Bottger

It’s time to deck the halls and rock around the Christmas tree - is your tree skirt up for it? Whether you’re adding a new tree to your decor or just ready for a new one, here’s how to make a simple no-sew tree skirt to fit any look. It’s also a great way to get the little ones involved and create a new memory with them.

Getting Started

First off, you will need felt! Felt is a great way to go because it doesn’t fray, it’s durable and it’s inexpensive! How much felt? As a general rule, most tree skirts are 48” across, but if your tree or area is smaller, you may want to make one that is slightly smaller. For this tutorial, we’ll go with 48”, which means you will need 1 ½ yards of felt. It usually comes on bolts that are 60” wide.





Square it Up

Now that you’ve got your felt, you will want to cut a 48” x 48” square, then fold it in half each way for a square that is 24” x 24”. Just like making paper snowflakes, make sure that you note the center of the folds as that will be the center of the circle we are going to make. To make cutting the skirt easier, I like to pin the felt square together.



Cut a Big Circle

Remember that protractor you used in geometry class? Well, we are going to make a quick and easy version of that to help you cut the perfect circle for your skirt. For this step, you will need some string, yarn, or even ribbon and a water-soluble marker, chalk, or pencil. Tie one end of the string to your marker. Hold the marker at the corner of the square to the left of the centerfold point. Pull the string taut to that center point, like in the picture below. Fancy, right?




Keeping the string in place at that centerfold point, draw an arc. It will be ¼ of a circle. You will cut on this line to create your circle. Again, make sure you are cutting across from the centerfold point that will be the central point of the circle.


drawing arc


You are cutting off the corner with the 4 unfolded edges.




Open it up, and you have the circle for your tree skirt! Once you’ve admired your handiwork, fold it back up because it’s time to cut the hole in the center for the tree trunk.

If you will be using the skirt around an artificial tree, then you will want to cut a smaller center circle. If you are putting it around a real tree and base that holds water, then the hole will need to be larger.


Pro Tip: It’s always better to start small and expand if needed.


To cut the center hole for the trunk, use your “protractor” again. To cut a 6” hole, you will want to draw an arc 3” from the center point. You can also grab your ruler and wander around the house looking for something round and approx. 6” across and use that to make a ¼ of a circle in the center of the folded felt circle. Take a deep breath and cut! The last step for preparing the basic skirt is to cut a slit from the outer edge of the skirt to the center. This is easiest to do while the circle is still folded.



GO! Get Creative

Now it’s time for some fun! Gather up your holiday dies and various colors of felt and get cutting! AccuQuilt offers a great variety of possibilities!


snowflake skirt-1


GO! classic with blue felt and a flurry of white snowflakes with dies to cut snowflakes from 2” to 7”. Add in some snowflake sequins and you can create a blizzard in a flash! Glue them all down with hot glue or craft glue – opt for craft glue if you’re working with children for safety! I made this one a few years ago, before the GO! Mitten die was available with its darling 2” snowflake, so the small ones you see here were pre-cut ones I found at the craft store.



GO! Home

GO! Ho, Ho, Ho! using the GO! Sleigh and Snowflakes Die and the GO! Classic or Carefree Alphabet Dies. Add some squares for packages in the sleigh and add some ribbons. Don’t forget a red pom nose for Rudolph! Want to add some rooftops to fly over? How about the GO! Home die by Stacey Michelle.

GO! create a gingerbread village using the GO! Gingerbread Cookie and GO! Cookie Decorations dies.



Pair them up with GO! Home by Stacey Michelle, add some extra trees with the GO! Holiday Medley and embellish with ribbons, buttons, fabric paint, and more to create a fun and tasty scene.


truck scene


GO! trendy using the GO! Pickup with a tree in the back from the GO! Holiday Medley. How about some GO! Gnomes? Use the GO! Cookie Decorations to add some gnomesses!

Mitten Skirt in progress


GO! for a farmhouse style adding a layer of burlap on top of the felt and top it with a garland of mittens using the GO! Mitten die. This one uses fleece for the mitten cuffs and cotton cording for the “string”. I found it easier to use hot glue for the cording on this one, and I have to admit that I did sew the edges on this, but it could also be glued!

Tree with Mitten skirt


Don’t forget your little trees! GO! dies offer a variety of circles up to 8” that can make creating tabletop versions a breeze. The darling little snowflake on the GO! Mitten die is perfect on smaller versions!


little tree



What Applique Die Will You Use?

I hope you’re inspired to get your craft on and create a new look to go around your tree! Be sure to check out our 2021 Quilter's Gift Guide to see what appliques you can add to your stocking this holiday season!


Erica Bottger

Written by Erica Bottger