Pack Your Picnic with the GO! Fork-Knife-Spoon Die

Jul 3, 2019 8:16:15 AM / by Jennifer Strauser

Have you seen the new AccuQuilt GO! Fork-Knife-Spoon die (55261) yet? It is adorable. As soon as I saw it, a whole bunch of projects popped into my head. My favorite idea was a picnic quilt. I always loved going on picnics as a child. There is something so special about being able to have a casual meal while relaxing in nature. I’m a little bit more jaded as an adult - the logistics of a picnic get me worked up. It’s my own fault - I’m no longer satisfied with a PB&J and a juice box. I need fruit, crackers, cheese (and a cheese board and knife), maybe a charcuterie plate, some wine.... 


But if there's anything to get me out and about, it would be this picnic quilt. For the project, I used this amazing fabric bundle from Robert Kaufman called Betty’s Luncheonette, designed by Violet Craft. The colors are so cheerful, and I love the retro-mod vibe on some of the prints. The fruits are what made the perfect fabric, though. What’s better in the summer than fruit salad?




To make this project really efficient, I chose to use the GO! Square-6½” (6" Finished) die (55000) for my background. I’ve had friends ask me about fabric waste with my GO! Cutter and I honestly don’t feel like there is excessive waste fabric at all.


I do spend some time thinking about how I will minimize waste when I use the cutter. My goal is to leave myself with the largest piece of fabric possible when I’m done cutting. With this project I used most of each fat quarter. I was left with one 2” strip when I was done cutting all of my elements. That can go into the scrap basket.


For a more in-depth look at how AccuQuilt saves fabric, check out this post from fellow GO! Getter, Kristina Brinkerhoff of Center Street Quilts.


The finished quilt measures 60½” x 60½”.


Fabric Requirements

  • 13 fat quarters for background
  • 2 fat quarters for dinner plates
  • 1 fat quarter for napkins
  • 1 fat quarter for flatware
  • 4 yards of fabric for backing
  • Batting


AccuQuilt Go! Dies Used


Also Needed

  • Large circle template for dinner plate (I used an actual dinner plate)
    OR the GO! Circle-8" Die (55360)
  • 1 yard Lightweight Fusible webbing


When choosing my fabrics I took the easy way out and went with a bundle. My bundle came with 33 prints. I set aside 4 greys for flatware, 2 whites for plates, and sneaked in some solid white for the napkins (I really wanted my flatware to stand out.) You could definitely get the napkins and flatware out of one fat quarter for each. I ended up with a few fat quarters of fabric which were not included in this project.


Did you know the GO! Fork-Knife-Spoon die coordinates with the 2019 Row by Row Experience? Learn more about the program and why you should participate!


Prep Your Fabric

I am not a pre-washer of fabrics. If you are, please make yourself happy. Unfold fat quarters and press them to remove creases. Remove your selvage edges.




Cutting Squares

Fold a fat quarter in half, then in half again, so it is folded into a quarter. This isn’t a pressed fold, just for cutting.




Line up the two cut edges along the cutting edges of the die, overlapping the blade by a few threads. Place your cutting mat over your die, and run it through your AccuQuilt GO!






Carefully remove your perfect 6½” squares and the excess fabric. Snip off the skinny “L” of fabric hanging from the main piece.




Unfold it completely, and fold in half, so the wide bits are together.




Line those wide ends up with your die blades, and run through the cutter.




Snip off the excess bits, and set the large scrap aside.




We will be using those later. Continue cutting squares until you have 100.


Cutting flatware

Cut 4 pieces of fusible interfacing at 6” x 10”. Following the directions on your interfacing, fuse to the wrong side of your grey fabric. Cut out your fabric pieces along the outer edge of the fusible. Layer onto your AccuQuilt GO! Die and run through the cutter.


FKS cut


Check out those adorable forks, knives, and spoons. It’s okay to squeal a little and pet them. Now set them aside and get back to work.


Cutting Plates and Napkins

If you have the GO! Circle-8" Die (55360), use it to cut 4 circles with fusible. Remember, fusible counts as half a layer, so you can cut up to 4 circles of fused fabric at once.


Or take your circle of choice, a dinner plate in my case, and trace 4 of them onto your fusible webbing.


Cut out the circles, leaving about ¼” of space outside of your drawn lines. Fuse the circles to the wrong side of your fabric, then cut out along your drawn lines. I was able to easily fit two circles on each fat quarter. Set the circles aside. Cut 4 pieces of fusible interfacing at 6” x 12”. Fuse them to the wrong side of your white napkin fabric. Cut rectangles that are 5½” x 11½”. Set aside.




Cut Binding Strips

You will need approximately 254 inches of binding strips. You can use yardage and make it quickly. Or, you can use up the remainder of your fat quarter scraps and use almost all of your bundle. I chose to use up my scraps. I love a scrappy binding. Get your pile of fat quarter scraps and stack the pieces up. I went 6 high, because that is what the AccuQuilt Go! will cut through.




I lined up my pieces with each other, then lined them up on the cutting blade, making sure they cover one of the 2½” sections. You will need about 17 pieces that are the 18” width of your fat quarter, which should be what you have left. Join all of the strips together, attaching them on a 45 degree angle. Press the seams open. Fold wrong sides together along the length of your binding and press. Set aside.



Piece together your squares, using a ¼” seam allowance. I went for a random layout, and I’m very happy with it. When you have 50 combined pairs, press your seams open. Combine the pairs of squares into 25 blocks of 4 squares. Press your seams open. Combine your blocks into 5 rows of 5 squares. Press seams open. Combine your long rows into one quilt top, press seams open.



Take one rectangle and one set of flatware. Peel the paper backing off of the flatware pieces, and lay them out on the napkin. Give it a press. This one can be a little bit light - you are going to press it again when it is on the quilt.


fork-knife-spoon applique on Napkin


Locate the center seam on each side of the quilt. Place your plate circle 3” from the edge of the quilt, to the left of the center seam. Line up the napkin to the right of the seam, centering it on the plate. Press all pieces, following directions on your fusible interfacing.


blanket stitch accuquilt applique


Stitch around your fused pieces, using your preferred appliqué stitch. I love using a blanket stitch.


picnic accuquilt go fork knife spoon circle


Layer, Quilt and Bind

My backing is pieced from my stash. I used an older Laurel Burch print and an offcut from another project.


picnic quilt back fruit quilting


I love how well you can see the quilting design when you use a solid backing.


fruit quilting purple fabric


I used Warm and White batting with my project. I like to use bright white batting when I’m making a quilt with a lot of white fabrics. I chose cotton because I want this to be firm and stand up to some wear.


I chose to use a quilting pattern called “Fruit Salad” by Anne Bright Designs. It is just perfect with this fabric.


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