Get Into the Magic of the Season With Two New Dies

Oct 18, 2022 1:10:00 PM / by Alyssa Nordmeyer

We’re well into fall weather, and a winter chill has already fallen across the Midwest. To keep in high spirits during this sudden wave of coldness, AccuQuilt has launched two new dies, the GO! Penguin and GO! Small Bowl Cozy Dies!


GO! Penguin Die
GO! Small Bowl Cozy Die




Pleasing Penguins

The GO! Penguin Die features six applique shapes to construct a charming penguin who will remind you how an arctic chill brings along darling animals! You can easily cut out up to four layers of pre-fused fabric using any GO! Fabric Cutter, making this die kid-friendly to create plenty of the cute projects below!



GO! Penguin Die Board



Adorable Home Additions

It’s time for a delightful dance party with the GO! Playful Penguins Throw Quilt!



GO! Playful Penguins Throw Quilt Free Pattern


Which moves will you have each penguin showing off? Don’t forget to embroider them, too!


Download the Free GO! Playful Penguins Throw Quilt Pattern Here



A true winter wonderland can be found in the GO! Just Chillin’ Penguins Table Runner.



GO! Just Chillin Penguins Table Runner Free Pattern



Think about displaying what they like to wear when the weather outside isn’t so frightful using a darling embroidery design from V-Stitch Designs.


Download the Free GO! Just Chillin' Penguins Table Runner Pattern Here




For the Holidays

If you celebrate the holiday season with festive decor, then the GO! Penguin Stockings is perfect to adorn your fireplace.



GO! Penguin Stockings Free Pattern



Think about personalizing these stockings with adorable embroidery designs or each family member’s name (and additional embroidery for the letters).


Download the Free GO! Penguin Stockings Pattern Here



A decorative tree isn’t complete without ornaments, especially when they’re as lovable as the GO! Penguin Ornaments Set!



GO! Penguin Ornaments Set Free Pattern



Surely, with ornaments this enchanting, everyone will have their presents guarded under the tree! 


Download the Free GO! Penguin Ornaments Set Pattern Here




Add Coziness to Any Home



GO! Small Bowl Cozy Die Board



If you’re tired of the cold, safely warm up with some hot soup courtesy of the GO! Small Bowl Cozy Die! This project die can fit through the GO! and GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutters to cut up to six layers of 100% cotton fabric. To ensure that this bowl cozy is microwave safe, make sure that the fabric, thread, and batting is all 100% cotton.


Bowl cozies are an essential item to regulate foods’ temperatures and keep your hands protected. Check out these inspirational ideas for your small bowl cozy!



What Small Bowl Cozy Should I Make?



GO! Small Bowl Cozy Free Pattern (Fall Themed Fabric)



The best thing to do with a new die is utilize it in your next project right away. With the GO! Small Bowl Cozy, you can do just that.


Download the Free GO! Small Bowl Cozy Pattern Here



If you want your small bowl cozies to have something extra, create the GO! Applique Small Bowl Cozy!



GO! Applique Bowl Cozy Free Pattern (Pumpkin Themed)
GO! Applique Bowl Cozy Free Pattern (Holiday Themed)



Placing your favorite applique shape in the inner part of the bowl cozy can create a fun peek-a-boo embellishment for when you finish your bowl of food.


Download the Free GO! Applique Small Bowl Cozy Pattern Here



Making a test block is essential for every new project, but what do you do with these test blocks?



GO! Orphan Small Bowl Cozy Free Pattern



Use them to create the GO! Orphan Block Small Bowl Cozy! 


Download the Free GO! Orphan Block Small Bowl Cozy Pattern Here



Maybe you have too many scraps instead of test blocks?



GO! Scrappy Small Bowl Cozy Free Pattern



That’s where the GO! Scrappy Small Bowl Cozy comes in! 


Download the Free GO! Scrappy Small Bowl Cozy Pattern Here




GO! Quilt Magic!

Which new magical die is your favorite? What project will you make first? Let us know in the comments!

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