Pinwheel Wall Hanging Featuring the Fractured Tumbler

Aug 16, 2018 8:00:54 AM / by Mona Phelps

Hi! This is Mona Phelps with Kentucky Whittaker Creations. I have been sewing and quilting for close to two years. I love to come up with new ideas and I love creating; however, I don’t like to cut fabric! This is why I love AccuQuilt! When you use their awesome products, your projects turn out so well because the accuracy is spot-on!



Today, I am going to share with you the new Fractured Tumbler die for the Studio 2 Fabric Cutter. If you haven’t used the Studio 2 previously, let me tell you – it’s amazing! You can cut up to 10 layers of fabric in one pass-through. There are a wide variety of dies available. And, you can use your GO! dies with the Studio 2 when you use an adapter.



The Fractured Tumbler die has two dies on the board. One die is a square that is sliced in half on a diagonal. That way, you can create a two-colored square very easily. The other die cuts a square into four identical pieces – also cut on a diagonal – allowing you to create a square with up to four colors. And, AccuQuilt dies have already incorporated a ¼" seam with clipped corners which allows you to easily line up the pieces when it comes time to sew!

I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to create with the Fractured Tumbler die, so I decided to just play with some fabric. I used the part of the die that cuts the fabric into four pieces. I realized very quickly that when sewing these pieces together, your points line up perfectly. That’s the great thing about using AccuQuilt products – the precision cutting results in perfect points!

After playing around with the fabric for a bit, I got out my pad and colored pencils. This helped to give me a better idea of what multiple blocks might look like (please note that the drawing is not to scale!).

The size of the Fractured Tumbler die is 7.5 inches. I decided to use some 10" x 10" squares. They are a little larger than the die but I was left with usable fabric with the part that wasn’t cut.

After cutting the fabric, and using my drawing for reference, I laid out my fabric. I decided to use 8 completed blocks for this project. For each block, you’ll want to sew the top left piece (L1) to the bottom left piece (L2) , and then the top right piece (R1) to the bottom right piece (R2) (see below).

Next, you’ll line up your pieces (just to confirm you’re sewing the correct pieces together) and finish each block by attaching the left piece (L) to the right piece (R). You will have 8 completed blocks at this point.

If you want to re-arrange your blocks, now is the time to do so. You can see from these pictures that I decided I wanted a red pinwheel in the center instead of a white pinwheel.

Sew your blocks together – the top row together, and then the bottom row; finally sewing the top row to the bottom row.

I made my “quilt sandwich” (pieced top, batting, and backing) and then did some free-motion quilting. You’ll then need to square up your piece and then attach the binding.

This piece would make a great wall hanging or a small centerpiece for your table. While I used Christmas fabrics for this project, it could easily be made using fabrics that would go with your home décor.

Thank you for reading along. I hope that you enjoy using the Fractured Tumbler as much as I did!

One note – make sure that all of your fabric is either face-up or face-down. I layered some low-volume fabric on one pass through and realized that I wasn’t able to use the face-down fabric with the previously cut face-up fabric.


You can check my instagram page to see what I'm currently working on.


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