Qubes and Diamonds are a Quilting Girl's Best Friend

Oct 25, 2018 9:00:00 AM / by Connie Campbell

Have you seen the new AccuQuilt GO! Qube Mix & Match 10" Block? This is another one of my favorite size blocks to make and there is a lot you can do with this set! Today I’ll show you a beautiful Batik Diamond Stars quilt. You can use it as a table topper or a wall hanging using this fast and easy quilt block and the AccuQuilt GO! dies.

Hi everyone, this is Connie Kresin Campbell from Freemotion by the River and I have an easy quilting tutorial for you.


Diamond Stars Table Topper
24 " Finished Square


GO! Fabric Cutter: 

GO! Cutter (55100S)

GO! Big Electric (55500)


GO! Cutting Dies:

GO! Qube Mix & Match 10" Block

  • #2 square - 55804
  • #4 quarter square triangle - 55806
  • #5 half square triangle - 55807
  • #6 square on point - 55808

GO! Strip Cutter - 2" (1½" finished)

GO! Strip Cutter 2½" (55017)



Tan Batik—1 yard - includes cutting binding and backing

  • Cut 1—6¾" strip the width of fabric
  • Sub-cut 4 sets#4 quarter square triangles (16 pieces total)
  • Cut 1—3¼" strip the width of fabric
  • Sub-cut 16—#2 squares

Orange Batik—¼ yard or fat quarter
  • Cut 1—4½" strip the width of fabric
  • Sub-cut 4—#6 square on Point

Dark Brown Batik—
¼ yard or fat quarter

  • Cut 2—3¾" strips the width of fabric
  • Sub-cut 32—#5 Half Square Triangles


Cream Batik—1/4 yard or fat quarter

  • Cut 1—3¾" strip the width of fabric
  • Sub-cut 16—#5 half square triangles


Use a ¼" seam allowance throughout.

Pin and sew two cream half square triangles to opposite sides of the orange square on point. Press toward the dark fabric.

Pin and sew the last two cream half square triangles to the other sides of the orange square on point and press.

Make four in total.



Next, make flying geese blocks using the quarter square triangles and the half square triangles.



Make 16 flying geese units.

Pin and sew one tan Batik quarter square triangle and two half square triangles together as shown in the following diagram. Press toward the dark fabric.



Arrange the sections as shown below and sew together the star block. It will measure 10½".



Make four diamond star blocks.



Tan Batik - sashing

  • Cut 3 -  2" strips the width of fabric
    • Sub-cut 2 -  2" x 24 1/2" pieces
    • Sub-cut 3 -  2" x 21 1/2" pieces
    • Sub-cut 2 - 2" x 10 1/2" pieces

Add the 2" x 10½" sashing strips between the blocks. Do this twice.



Sew 1—2" x 21½" sashing strips between the two rows of star blocks.



Add the other 2—2" x 21½" sashing strips to the top and bottom of your quilt.

Add the 2—2" x 24½" sashing strips to the sides of your quilt.



Add batting and backing and quilt. I did some free motion straight stitching using my vintage 15-91 Singer sewing machine.

Cut 2—2½" strips width of fabric for the binding and sew together. Add the binding by machine, machine or hand-stitch it down.




I hope you have enjoyed this fast and easy Diamond Stars quilt made with the AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter and the new GO! Qube Mix & Match 10" Block. If you are looking for more ideas for table accessories, you might enjoy some of my previous quilt tutorials.

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