Quick Mug Rug Project to Celebrate Grads & Dads

Jun 16, 2020 8:17:37 AM / by Melanie Call

Hi! It's Melanie from A Bit of Scrap Stuff! Today, I'm sharing a quick and useful gift for Dad, Grandpa, and/or Graduates! I think it is tricky to quilt gifts for men and graduates so I love making a personalized mug rug / snack mat for that special person. You can even add a fun mug or snack or gift card to complete the perfect gift! I also love that you can make a mug rug in one afternoon - yay!


Only a few fabrics are needed for this project - so try to find fabrics that your recipient will love. Check out this blog post: The Art of Picking Quilt Fabrics if you need tips!


Fabric Ideas:

  • Men: Tools, Woodgrain, Nature, Video Game, Sports, Hobbies, Music 
  • Graduate: Licensed College Fabrics, School Colors, Fabric that represent their major or favorite subject (Music, Math, English, Science), Sports


Alphabet Ideas: 

GO! Classic 2" Alphabet Uppercase Set 

  • Dad, Pop, Pa, Gpa
  • School Initials
  • Initials of recipient 




Number Ideas:

GO! Carefree 3" Numbers 

  • Graduation year



Did you notice the two Mug Rugs are the same pattern - but different sizes? Guess how I did that? 


AccuQuilt GO! Mix & Match Qubes! I used both my 12" and 10" Mix & Match blocks to create the size I needed! I love the flexibility of GO! Qubes! This pattern will also work for 9"8", and 6" Qubes depending on the size of mug rug/snack mat you want! 


Let's get ready to start creating!






The following information is for one mug rug. I used both the GO! Qube 10" and 12" Mix & Match Blocks. Here are their individual finished sizes:




You can use any GO! Qube block, just remember the smaller you go, the more shapes you will need to create a rug big enough for mugs.


Fabric A: AccuQuilt GO! Mix & Match Qube 12" or GO! Qube 10" Block

  • Cut (1) Die 1 Square
  • Cut (2) Die 5 Half-Square Triangles


Fabric B: AccuQuilt GO! Qube Mix & Match Block same size as above

  • Cut (1) Die 8 Rectangle
  • Cut (2) Die 5 Half-Square Triangles


Fabric C: AccuQuilt GO! 2" Classic Uppercase Alphabet OR AccuQuilt GO! Carefree 3" Number

  • Cut desired letters.
    • I cut D A D and U W 
  • OR - For the graduate- instead of the school letters- cut out the graduation year using  Example '20


Fabric D: AccuQuilt GO! Queen of Hearts Die

  • Cut (1) Heart


Fabric E (binding): AccuQuilt GO! Strip Cutter 2½" (2" Finished) 

  • Cut (1) 2½" x WOF strip


Fabric F (backing)

  • Cut (1) 8½" x 14½" rectangle

5straight on shot



  • Sew Die 5 (half-square triangles together). Make 2.
  • Sew (2) half-square triangles together to make (1) rectangle.
  • Sew (1) Die 8 rectangle above the half-square rectangle from step above to make (1) square.
  • Sew (1) Die 1 Square to right side of pieced square from step above.



  • Fuse chosen letters in desired layout on Die 1 Square. Be sure to leave about 3/8" from edge to allow for binding.
  • Fuse heart in desired location.
  • OPTIONAL -  use FREE embroidery files from AccuQuilt to stitch around the letters, heart, and/or numbers.



Mini-Quilt Sandwich 

  • Layer mug rug (right side up), batting, and back (right side down)
  • Quilt as desired
  • Bind with favorite binding method



I'm so excited to have a handmade Father's Day gift to give my husband from the kids! I'm sure your Dad, Grandpa, Uncle, Brother, Son, or graduate would love to have a personalized mug rug/snack mat as a gift! 


You can use this same mug rug pattern to make this gift for anyone! Use their initials and it would be great for bride/groom, birthday gifts, or a just because gift!


If you want to learn more about AccuQuilt GO! Qubes - click here. Choose the Qube size you are interested in and watch the video.


I hope you enjoyed this mini-tutorial for making a personalized mug rug! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @abitofscrapstuff and on my A Bit of Scrap Stuff Blog for more fabric fun!


Happy Quilting!




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Melanie Call

Written by Melanie Call

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