Quilt Artist Spotlight 2021 - Porfiria Gomez

Dec 28, 2021 8:00:00 AM / by AccuQuilt

Porfiria Gomez is a designer, blogger, modern quilter, and one of AccuQuilt's valued GO! Getters. Porfiria was introduced to quilting at a young age while watching her mother at work on the vintage Singer that she later inherited.

Over time, she became inspired by themes of warmth and family to make her first quilt to celebrate the birth of her first child. Fifteen years later, she's still at it, building modern designs that reflect both her Bronx upbringing and her Hispanic heritage while continuing to represent those comforting themes of home and hearth.

Read on to learn more about Porfiria Gomez and her amazing quilting creations.



Meet Featured Quilt Gallery Artist Porfiria Gomez


AccuQuilt: We’re so excited to feature your work in our gallery! How did you choose the pieces to send?
Porfiria Gomez: I was super excited about being a part of the gallery. I wanted to showcase my latest quilts and the ones that showcase my personality.





AQ: Is there anything we should know or think when we view your gallery?
PG: I want everyone to think, "Wow, she has creativity!" and "I like her quilting style."

AQ: How did you find quilting?
PG: From my mother. She always shared stories about her grandmother and the quilts that she saw on the farm that she grew up on - like the colors and how she would lay on them in the barn and daydream.

AQ: Tell us a little about your first quilt.
PG: I made my first quilt for my oldest son. When I became pregnant, all I could think about is my new family and how quilts are a part of that journey. How quilts offer family memories of joy. Everything my mom told me about her quilts; I wanted that for my new family.




AQ: From where do you draw inspiration most often?
PG: My culture and heritage.

AQ: You are one of the co-founders of the Color of Connection. Can you explain a bit about what inspired you and your other co-founders to start it?
PG: We were inspired by making changes to the modern quilting community - showcasing quilters from all walks of life joining forces. With so much racial inequality and injustice, we wanted to share that. No matter who you are, we can come together over something we all love - which is creating awesome quilts.




AQ: Who or what influences your art most?
PG: I am totally influenced by my Hispanic culture, art pieces and vibrant colors, and neutral tones of South America.





AQ: What are you working on now?
PG: My quilt book.

AQ: What are you most excited to be working on in the next year or two?
PG: Releasing my first quilting book, and maybe having a quilting show geared towards quilting with friends and celebrities.

AQ: If people want to follow your work, where should they go?
PG: My site is www.porfiriagomez.com, but definitely head to my Instagram at @mrsporfiria to get the latest updates

AQ: Is there anything we missed that you want the world to know?
PG: No, I think you’ve covered it all. LOL



Rapid Fire Round!


  • Favorite project you’ve worked on: Color of Connection
  • Favorite time to work: Morning
  • Favorite quilting snack: Grapes (The green ones. Love them.)
  • Favorite thing to listen to when quilting: Smooth Jazz and right now Adele's new album
  • Favorite way to unwind: Reading creative magazines like In Her Shoes, Women Create, etc.
  • Favorite hobby outside of quilting: Sewing lingerie

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Written by AccuQuilt

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