Quilted Pennant Pillow Tutorial with the New GO! Pennants Die

Jun 20, 2019 8:43:31 AM / by Kristina Brinkerhoff

Hi! This is Kristina Brinkerhoff from Center Street Quilts and I'm here to share my super fun Pennant Pillow Tutorial using one of AccuQuilt's newest dies! The new GO! Pennants die (55149) has three different banner shapes and I'm here to show how easy it is to turn these shapes into a darling throw pillow. Let's get started!




Supplies needed:

  • GO! Pennants die (55149)
  • (2) 16" x 12" pieces of fabric (one for background and one for lining)
  • (1) 14" x 10" piece of fabric (for the back of the pillow)
  • (1) Fat Quarter (for the pennants)
  • ¼ yard cut (for binding)
  • 16" x 12" batting
  • (1) 14" or larger zipper
  • Embroidery Floss or thick thread for hand stitching
  • 14" x 10" pillow insert



Creating the Pillow

Step 1: Layer the background, batting and lining fabric together and baste. Quilt as desired and trim quilted background to 14" by 10".


Step_1_quilted pillow


Step 2: Use the GO! Pennants die and a fat quarter to cut out six copies of the triangle banner.


Step_3_pennants cut out


Step 3: Gather two of the triangle banner pieces and place them on top of each other, right sides together. Sew a seam ¼" away from the edge and leave a space in the stitches about 2" at the top of the banner.


Step_4_sew_two_pennants together


Step 4: Repeat with the remaining triangles to create three pennants. Turn all three right sides out using the 2" space and hand sew the openings closed.


Step_5_turn pennants right sides out


Step 5: Pin the three pennants into place on top of the quilted background.


Step_6_pin pennants on quilted background


Step 6: Use the embroidery thread to sew a running stitch from one edge of the quilted background piece through the tops of the three pennants and over to the other edge of the background. This will be the "string" that's holding the pennants up.


Step_7_sew pennants on with running stitch


Step 7: Gather the backing piece and cut across the middle, about 4" up from the bottom. Place the zipper in the gap between the two backing pieces and cut to the same size as the backing (if the zipper is larger). Cut two zipper tabs from the pennant fat quarter, each about 4" by 2". Fold in half to make a 2" by 2" piece and sew the tabs on the ends of the zipper. Trim the tabs so they line up with the zipper height and the width of the backing.




Step_8_zipper tabs


Step 8: Flip the zipper so it's right sides together with the top piece of the backing and sew the zipper onto the backing.


Step_10_flip zipper on top piece


Step 9: Flip the zipper back so it is right side up and top stitch along the backing to keep the seam out of the way from the zipper.


Step_11_sew zipper to top, top stitch


Step 10: Flip the bottom part of the binding on top of the zipper, right sides together. Sew a line about ¼" away from the bottom to attach the two pieces together.


Step_12_flip bottom piece on top of zipper


Step 11: Flip the bottom backing down and top stitch in place. Trim backing to 14" by 10".


Step_13_sew and top stitch


Step 12: Place the front of the pillow right side down, with the backing on top, right side up (wrong sides are together). Pin in place and sew the edges together, ⅛" away from the edge.


step_14_layer wrong sides together


Step 13: Cut the binding fabric into two 2½" x WOF strips. Join them together end-to-end and press in half the long way. Sew the binding onto the front of the pillow and hand stitch into place on the back side.


step_15_attach binding


Insert the pillow form and enjoy your darling new pillow!




Thanks for following along on this fun Pennant Pillow Tutorial! The tutorial can easily be altered to fit your needs. I think the other shapes in the GO! Pennant die would make an equally cute pillow, and you can change up the size of the background and backing pieces to fit whatever pillow insert you have on hand!


Want more inspiration on how to use the new GO! Pennant die? Make sure to subscribe to the AccuQuilt blog for more great ideas! And be sure to share your GO! Pennant Pillow with AccuQuilt and me on social media. Be sure to tag @AccuQuilt and @CenterStreetQuilts and always hashtag #AccuQuilt so we can see your creation.


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