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Feb 20, 2019 4:38:00 PM / by AccuQuilt

Have you ever seen a quilt pattern and instantly fallen head over heels? It’s the type of love at first sight that has you immediately downloading instructions and mentally envisioning the right fabrics. The hang-up? Will it look as good in real life as it does in your head? Quilt designing software is expensive, often hard to use, and won’t guarantee you have what you need to complete it. That’s why we created GO! Quilt, a FREE web-based quilt customizer that makes planning quilt projects a breeze.




How is AccuQuilt’s GO! Quilt your newest favorite quilting tool? Well, it...


Helps Choose the Perfect Project

As a quilter, you probably never have a shortage of ideas you want to create. In fact, you probably have a list of quilts and patterns you hope to one day complete. Unfortunately, there are often a lot of obstacles and considerations that slow or stop you from going for it. The GO! Quilt filters help you zero in on the projects that are both exciting and realistic for you. While in GO! Quilt, narrow pattern options by difficulty level, technique, AccuQuilt cutter, and project type.


And if you have no limitations, only the desire to create, GO! Quilt helps with that too. Scroll through 400+ free quilting patterns to find the right one for you!


Tells You What You Need, Before You Need It

There is no greater frustration than starting a project only to find that you’re missing a critical tool halfway through the process. Every crafter, quilter, and homeowner knows the feeling. Usually, that little surprise completely derails your productivity and steals precious work time all in the name of making another trip to the store for supplies.


GO! Quilt gives you the recipe for your unique project before you start. It not only tells you the dies used for the specific pattern, it tells you the yardage of fabric, batting, and backing is required to finish alongside the specific cutting and sewing instructions. And because you log in with your AccuQuilt account, GO! Quilt knows what products you own and will tailor instructions to your specific AccuQuilt cutter. For example, if you own an AccuQuilt Studio 2, you will receive a completely different list of dies and cutting instructions than someone who owns the AccuQuilt GO! cutter.


Don’t have something you need? GO! Quilt will provide recommendations for you based on what you already own. All of this is included in the downloadable PDF so you can print your instructions for easy reference while shopping or working on the project.


Organizes Your Stash

How is your stash looking these days? Do you have it under control and organized? And if it’s organized, do you actually know what you’ve collected so far? When you can’t (or don’t want to) remember all the beautiful fabrics you're holding on to, GO! Quilt can help. Organize your fabric stash by either by clicking "My Items" and choosing "My Stash". Or, once you found the pattern you love, choose the color block you want to edit, select “My Stash” then press the purple plus sign.


When in your stash, it will give you the option to choose images from your camera or take a photo. Once you’ve uploaded pictures of your fabric stash, they’re saved in GO! Quilt until you delete them. Upload as many as you want and watch how much of your stash can be repurposed in these patterns! 




Simplifies Fabric Shopping

There is no greater stress than that of a quilter trying to buy enough fabric for a specific project. Once you find the perfect fabric color or pattern, the last thing you want is to run out before you’re done piecing. And what if you make a cutting error and need a little extra to cover the mishap? With GO! Quilt, those worries are gone. Once you’ve selected the color you want for each block, the pattern will automatically tell you the yardage you need based on a 40” width of fabric for each color/fabric in that specific project.


Disclaimer: We in no way discourage you from continuing to buy a “little more” than you think you need just in case that beautiful fabric deserves to be included in more than one project. You really can’t ever have too much fabric, right?



Goes With You, Where Ever You Go

Finally, your next quilt is within your sights. You’ve carefully selected the colors you know will work perfectly, you can even see some of the potential patterns in your mind’s eye and then – BAM! You find a fabric that changes everything. It’s exactly what you never knew you always wanted for this project. You could have never envisioned this because you never knew something so right even existed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t fit your original color scheme at all. Now you have to rethink the whole pattern right there in the fabric store or make the tough decision to leave without it. Will it still be waiting when you return with a new game plan?


Did you know that we released 40+ free quilt patterns last year? Click here to see them all!


Luckily, GO! Quilt is mobile-friendly so you can make changes while shopping. Simply pull up your “My Projects” library, select “Edit” under the design you’re working on and update it with the new color scheme. Even better, take a picture of the amazing fabric to help in reworking your customization.


Gives You the Scoop on New Fabric Releases

As wonderful as it is to find something new while shopping, how great would it be if you could be perusing new fabrics from your favorite designers while customizing your pattern? GO! Quilt comes with preloaded fabrics currently on the market. Don't see a designer you love? Keep checking back because we're always adding new swatches and updating collections!




Get started on your next project at GO! Quilt! Want to learn more? Check out the AccuQuilt GO! Quilt video tutorials, and be sure to check back often because we’re regularly updating with new features and patterns!


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