10 Resources for all Quilting Lovers

May 24, 2021 5:00:00 PM / by AccuQuilt

There's no better way to spend your time than on sharpening the skills of your favorite hobby - sewing and quilting!

So, pour yourself a glass of lemonade, sit back, and read through these fantastic resources that will surely inspire you! 


1. Tips for Cleaning Your Sewing Room



One of our most popular posts is about organizing. Seems fitting, right?

Quilters are optimists through and through - so even the most disorganized of us believe there is potential to get everything under control. The good news is it's true.

If you're drowning in a fabric stash, notions, rulers and everything sewing, then this post is for you!


Pro Tip: Take a look at your scrap stash regularly. Revisiting your fabrics with a new mindset might inspire a project you never thought of before.


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2. Confidently Cut & Sew a Log Cabin Quilt Block


The GO! Log Cabin Die (55349) can seem intimidating, but AccuQuilt makes it easy.

AccuQuilt's Corporate Marketing Specialist, Erica, breaks down just how simple it can be. She shares pro tips on laying out your fabric, organizing the your shapes, and how to piece the block together.

From start to finish, Erica shows you just how approachable the GO! Log Cabin Die is - even for beginning quilters!


Pro Tip: If you can sew quarter-inch seams, then you can make the Log Cabin block! 


WATCH: GO! Log Cabin Quilt Block Pro Tips


3. 5 Reasons to Use GO! Quilt Right NOW



Have you loved a quilt pattern and wanted to make it, but hesitated when it came to actually buying the fabric for it?

Every quilter has struggled to pick the perfect fabric for a project. Some of us even cut out the fabric only to find that our choices don't look right.

But it doesn't have to be that way....

GO! Quilt is a FREE quilt pattern customizer that allows you to "audition" fabrics from your personal stash, and any of the preloaded designer collections.

There are so many ways GO! Quilt makes a quilter's life easier, and this quick read lays a lot of them out. 


Pro Tip: Use GO! Quilt to customize your patterns and prevent fabric waste. It's FREE!


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4. How to Cut Shannon Fabric's Cuddle Line with AccuQuilt



Who doesn't love the soft, cozy feeling of Shannon Fabric's Cuddle® line?

Cutting minky fabrics with an AccuQuilt fabric cutter is a little different than working with cotton - which leaves many hesitant to include in their projects.

Use these expert-tested tips and cut with confidence!


Pro Tip: Use one of AccuQuilt's fabric cutters to make fuzzy appliqués or unique cloud quilting. 


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5. Quilting with Neutrals



This post is packed full of great information on quilting with neutrals! There's just something truly wonderful about earth tone fabrics that we adore.

Learn about undertones and how to use them in your quilting. 


Pro Tip: Adding one neutral into your quilt can make your bright solid or beautiful pattern pop!


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6. Setting Triangles: It's All About that Fabric Bias



On point quilts are a fun "Next Step" for experienced quilters looking for a challenge.

At first, the triangles at the edge of an on point quilt look like regular half square triangles, but there is a very important difference.

Those are actually called "setting triangles" - which are a tool in the process of piecing an on point quilt.

Learn about bias and make your own on point quilt with these two wonderful reads!


Pro Tip: Using AccuQuilt's GO! Setting Triangle Die will keep you from having to do the complicated math equations that are necessary to put your blocks on point.


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7. Tips for Creating Gender Neutral Baby Quilts



It's super exciting when someone you love announces a new addition to their family!

If you're like us, you immediately begin searching for the perfect baby quilt pattern and fabrics to match. Embracing a gender neutral baby quilt can have some great benefits.

The first benefit is that you can get started on piecing long before the little one's arrival.

And secondly, you stand more of a chance of creating something the bundle of joy can use and love beyond toddling years.


Pro Tip: Use this blog to nail a gender neutral quilt and view some examples for inspiration!


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8. Which AccuQuilt Fabric Cutter is Right for You?

Are you considering buying an AccuQuilt fabric cutter?

Whether you want to start your AccuQuilt journey, or add another cutter to your collection, this video will help you understand which one is right for you. 


Pro Tip: Never worry about quarter-inch seam allowance or complicated math equations ever again when you use AccuQuilt fabric cutters! It's fast, easy, accurate and safe. Better cuts make better quilts!


WATCH: Choose the Perfect Fabric Cutter!


9. The Art of Picking Quilt Fabric for Magazine-worthy Projects



Choosing fabrics for your quilt can feel difficult, but Melanie Call of A Bit of Scrap Stuff explains her top 5 rules of picking fabrics for quilt patterns and projects.


Pro Tip: She even gives a little advice on how to use GO! Quilt for success.


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10. Yes, You Can Sew Y-Seams!


Don't let the idea of Y-seams give you anxiety. Pam and Erica are masters of the Y-seam. Watch them as they share their expert tips!


Pro Tip: Mark your quarter-inch intersections where your Y-seams are going to be. Take the time to mark them to get the best results - don't eyeball it. Watch to learn how!


WATCH: Master Y-Seams Now


Put it all into Action

That's 10 different ways that you can hone your sewing and quilting skills!

Are you feeling inspired to work on a new project? Because we sure are!

Many of us have setting triangle project ideas on our mind and we might just start some this week!

Which resource on the list was your favorite? What resources would you like to see in the future?

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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