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Mar 17, 2017 8:00:00 AM / by AccuQuilt

GO! Qube Mix & Match Blocks and Quilts Second Edition is an Expanded How-To Quilting Book by, Eleanor Burns.


Eleanor Burns


AccuQuilt is proud to announce the release of our friend and renowned quilter, Eleanor Burns’ new book: GO! Qube Mix & Match Blocks and Quilts Second Edition. Whether you’re new to the quilting game or are a seasoned pro, you’ll love this expanded how-to guide from Eleanor Burns.

As a special introductory offer, the GO! Qube Mix & Match Block and Quilts Second Edition is available FREE with the purchase of any GO! Qube Mix & Match Set. (A $24.95 Value)



GO! Qube Quilting How-To’s Galore

This expanded, second edition how-to quilting book now has 162 pages. It includes step by step instructions on how to create and sew blocks using the GO! Fabric Cutting System. The second edition book was designed to create traditional pieced blocks and quilts using the GO! Qube Mix and Match Block Sets. It also features 62 block patterns for each GO! Qube size, detailed instructions for 6-, 8-, and 12-inch GO! Qubes, and a Block-of the Month project.


Designed for Quilters of all Experience Levels

In keeping with Eleanor Burns’ beloved teaching style, this expanded how-to book is easy to read and simple to follow. Full color pictures, color-blocked lists, and step by step instructions make this book great for beginner, intermediate, and advanced quilters.

This second edition book is a great way to introduce quilters of all levels to the GO! Fabric Cutting System. It also familiarizes quilt makers with the AccuQuilt Mix and Match Block System using the innovative GO! Qube.


Get to Know Eleanor Burns



Eleanor Burns is a life-long quilter. In 1978 she self-published her first book, “Make a Quilt in a Day: Log Cabin Pattern” and launched a quilting revolution.

She made quilting fast and easy for sewers of all experience levels. She gave quilt makers techniques that turned a complex, months-long process into a quilt in a day. Eleanor Burns has championed AccuQuilt’s fabric cutting systems and she introduced a rapid stitching system utilizing an assembly line style sewing to piecework. Her methods made quilting accessible and fun.

Her Quilt in a Day TV series aired in 1990. She has become a prolific author with over 100 “how-to” quilting books to date. She is also a respected quilting teacher, popular television personality, and is celebrated in the quilting community. She is also owns Quilt In a Day in San Marcos, California. Her name is synonymous with how to make a quilt.

“We are excited for quilters to pick up a copy of Eleanor Burns’ newest edition,” said AccuQuilt President Greg Gaggini. “She is such a treasure to the quilting community and we couldn’t be prouder to have our GO! Qube Mix & Match featured in this expanded second edition book.”


Buying the Book is Easy, Too!

You don’t need a celebrity teacher like Eleanor Burns to tell you how to get this must-have quilting book. You can find copies of GO! Qube Mix & Match Blocks and Quilts Second Edition as well as a variety of Eleanor Burns’ other how-to books on the AccuQuilt website.


What is the GO! Qube?

• A boxed set of 8 geometric dies that make cutting quilt blocks easy

• Finished block sizes available: 6”, 8”, 9”, 12”

• Combine shapes to make 72 block designs




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