Schoolhouse Quilt Block: Class is Now in Session

Sep 7, 2021 1:00:00 PM / by Erica Bottger

Ring the bell, school is now in session with the introduction of the GO! Schoolhouse-Pieced Die.

This Block on Board or BOB die is September’s Die to Try - Die of the Month, and what a die it is! It cuts a 9” finished block in just one pass through the cutter, and with absolutely NO Y-seams.

It’s here for a limited time only, but before we go any further it’s time for History class!




History of the Schoolhouse Quilt Block

This historic quilt block probably dates back to the late 1800’s. According to our friends at the International Quilt Museum, teaching was one of the only prestigious and well-paying jobs available for women - so the block may have been used to celebrate that profession.

The block continued to be popular through the 1930’s and beyond. According to the National Park Service, the school was often one of the first structures built as new communities were formed, and the basic block was often adapted to represent homes or churches.


Schoolhouse Garden Maze_web


This stunning quilt is a part of the Ardis and Robert James Collection at the International Quilt Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska. It was possibly made in Wayne County, Indiana from 1875-1895.

The combination of the School House block with the Garden Maze design creates a look that feels like it could come from a modern quilter today!


Traditional Piecing – Only Better

Quilters across the ages have found this block to be one that challenged their cutting and sewing skills with many pieces to cut and Y-seams to sew.

Using the GO! School House – Pieced solves both issues and makes this a block that any quilter will enjoy making. All the pieces will be cut perfectly in seconds, plus specially engineered dog ears make placement a breeze.

The innovative design even removes the need for Y-seams.


Similar Look, But Different

If this die looks a little familiar, you may be thinking of the GO! Schoolhouse Applique Die. That die is designed strictly for fusible applique use, and creates a similar yet very different look from the GO! School House – Pieced BOB Die.

The applique die has been a part the GO! family for years, but quilters have been asking for a pieced version...and AccuQuilt listened!


GO School House Row Throw Quilt_web


Celebrate the classic look of this block with the GO! School House Row Throw Quilt. The red and white theme is perfectly framed with red binding, while the white border gives the quilt a modern feel. Check this video where Pam and I show you just how to put it together.




Stars and School Houses Wall Hanging_web


The GO! Stars and School Houses Wall Hanging turns the block into an eye-catching piece of folk art when teamed up with pieced trees and applique shapes.


School House Love Throw Quilt_web


Even the most reluctant student will love the GO! School House Love Throw Quilt! The GO! Qube Mix & Match 9” Finished Block is the perfect classmate for the GO! Schoolhouse – Pieced, and their class project is a delight.


Halls of Color Wall Hanging_web


Sashing, corner stones and a rainbow of colors make a wall hanging that’s fresh and new in the GO! Halls of Color Wall Hanging. Who says schoolhouses only come in red? Jump into GO! Quilt and play with changing up the colors to fit any season or décor.


Get One Before They’re Gone!

As part of the Die to Try program, the GO! Schoolhouse – Pieced Die is only around for a limited time, or while supplies last.

You don’t need to take an apple to the teacher - just get your order in now before they’re gone!

Erica Bottger

Written by Erica Bottger