Sewing Room Showdown: See How Our GO! Getters Work

Jan 22, 2021 11:48:46 AM / by AccuQuilt

Have you met the GO! Getters, our quilting influencers, ambassadors and friends? We're lucky to have a talented group of quilters who love getting creative with AccuQuilt products and today, in honor of organization, we're showing off some of the incredible sewing rooms where the fabric magic happens! Meet a few members of our team, see their space and be sure to check out their social profiles. You can see our whole team by visiting our GO! Getter page here!


You can see our whole team by visiting our GO! Getter page here!


Andrew Lee of Combat Quilter

"Our studio is 14 x 28 and despite the color my wife chose for the room, I love it much more that I let on. It's bright and cheerful and spacious enough that we both can create without being in each other's way. The only downfall is the crown molding hasn't found its way up yet.

GO Getter Sewing Room-Full View EDIT


My hack is I love my removable hooks for my rulers. Should it ever need to be moved, no holes to fill. Our space is developing daily for what we need, and could change."

GO Getter Sewing Room-Rulers


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Denise Looney of For the Love of Geese

"Because I have such a small space to work with I use lateral file cabinets to store my fabric on file folders. The cabinets also double as support for my cutting station which is an interior door. The cutting mat can be removed and I can press quilts or large pieces of fabric.

GO Getter Sewing Room - Shelves

My favorite space is my custom work table made with 2 Singer bases and an unstained oak top. Trust me, it isn't always this clean. When I finish one project I clean and organize before beginning a new."

GO Getter Sewing Room-Custom Tables


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HollyAnne Knight of String & Story

HollyAnne is living by the word "elevate" this year. She recently renovated her sewing room, added a fresh coat of paint and framed beautiful prints that speak to who she is and what she loves. Remember, your sewing space, no matter the size can easily reflect your passions. This can be anything from customized sewing machine covers and carrying totes to family pictures and heirloom furniture.

GO Getter Sewing Room - HollyAnneKnight


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Kimberly Bennefield of NWPepper & Black Web Diva

"My Quilty friends have named it my 'Sewing Annex'. It is downstairs, in our daylight basement. I am so grateful to have a space that can serve as double duty sewing annex and my day job design studio. Beyond grateful. This space allows me to take care of the things I need to during the day, in my job as a product designer, but I can have a few moments when in a meeting where I’m only in 'listening mode' and can take time to stitch a few blocks or press a few blocks in multi-task mode.


GO Getter Sewing Room-22 sign
GO Getter Sewing Room-10-pressing table
GO Getter Sewing Room-4-computer set up
GO Getter Sewing Room-8-serger and sewing machine


We’ve only been in our new home for a year now, so we still have a few updates planned, but for now, it is a place for which I am beyond grateful. More to come!"

GO Getter Sewing Room-1-design wall and mannequin
GO Getter Sewing Room-3-Accuquilt die shelf
GO Getter Sewing Room-7-fabric wall
GO Getter Sewing Room-13-accuquilt studio 2
GO Getter Sewing Room-5-ruler organization
GO Getter Sewing Room-23-thread storage
GO Getter Sewing Room-18-labeled drawers
GO Getter Sewing Room-14-scissor storage wall


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Lori Miller of Lori Miller Designs

"This is my creative sanctuary. I love color and like to arrange my stash by color. I have my buttons, fabrics and threads arranged in rainbow order. It is pleasing to the eye and easy to find the items I need."

GO Getter Sewing Room-sewing studio 1


"This picture shows the entrance to my studio and gives a glimpse of my design wall and computer desk. I have a mini quilt display above my Grandmother’s treadle machine that my DH refinished. Behind the door are loads of quilted totes because who has enough bags? I love the quilty welcoming entrance!"

GO Getter Sewing Room-sewing studio 2a


"This is a picture of my favorite spot. My sewing machine looks out over the backyard with this fab bay window area. I have my three tiered carts full of projects, I always have several going at once.  It is a peaceful view and so relaxing to sew here."

GO Getter Sewing Room-sewing studio 3


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Terri Vanden Bosch of Lizard Creek Quilting

"The photos with the pink machine are when I took a sewing retreat for myself in our toy hauler camper this fall at our local campground. Too much fun! I was only one of about four other campers. So much peace and quiet. Great time for reflection and sewing.

GO Getter Sewing Room-Terri2


The other ones are from my sewing room at home in various stages of clean and 'working'!"

GO Getter Sewing Room-Terri5
GO Getter Sewing Room-Terri4
GO Getter Sewing Room-Terri1


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Vicki Schlimmer of Vicki's Crafts and Quilting

"I love my cutting table with storage cubes that my hubby assembled for me. There are cubes on both sides and one end. 

3 - DSCN0301-1
1 - DSCN0292


I have a U-shape counter on which my sewing machines set. A ruler rack that my hubby built hangs on the wall. The peg board on the wall behind the sewing machine holds all sorts of sewing items."

2 - DSCN0294-1


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