Talk to the Animals with Shannon Fabrics & AccuQuilt GO! Owl Die

Sep 26, 2019 7:41:00 AM / by AccuQuilt

A few weeks ago, we shared some tips on how to best cut minky fabrics with our fabric cutters. We at AccuQuilt love partnering with Shannon Fabrics and even featured some of their ambassador's work in the AccuQuilt Quilt Gallery's Spring 2019 Exhibit. We’ve worked together to make some adorable projects and if you didn't get a chance to stop by and see them in person, we'd love to show you a crowd favorite: the GO! Talk to the Animals Baby Quilt (PQ10509)!


Shannon Fabrics are now featured in GO! Quilt. It's FREE so start adding your favorites to your stash now!



Though “quilt” is in our name, that doesn’t mean cotton quilting fabric is our only game. In fact, AccuQuilt fabric cutters work on a diverse array of fabric including Shannon Fabrics’ Cuddle® minky, Luxe Cuddle® minky and Embrace® double guaze cotton (when starched). Our fabric cutters simplify that stressful part of quilting and sewing, both by easing physical strain and increasing cut accuracy.


The GO! Talk to the Animals Baby Quilt (PQ10509) pattern showcases a few of the many cute critters that can be created using our GO! Owl die. Add in Shannon Fabrics' versatile fabric lines and you've got a cuddly-soft treat for your favorite little one. Check out this close up of the koala, cow and squirrel:



GO! Talk to the Animals

The pattern is so versatile – so it’s perfect for many different fabrics. Renee made her version all in solid Cuddle® 3.


Check out these tips for cutting Shannon Fabrics with AccuQuilt fabric cutters!


Gayle Camargo, another Shannon Fabrics Brand Ambassador, created her version using solid Cuddle® 3, as well as Kozy Cuddle embossed fabrics- for added texture and variety. For example, for the red, Gayle used Embossed Heart Cuddle® and for the chocolate brown borders Gayle use Cuddle Dimple®.



“I was amazed about how much fun you can have and how creative you can be with the system! The main shapes on the die were designed with an owl in mind, but there are even more animal possibilities than the nine I made,” said Renee.


Make One of Your Own

Can you think of a sweet little one who needs this baby quilt? The good news is the pattern is FREE and featured in GO! Quilt so you can customize it with fabrics of your choice before you even go to the fabric store. Use our preloaded designer fabrics (like Shannon Fabrics), colors or even your very own stash to put your own spin on the quilt pattern by clicking here! Below are all the dies you need and a few pointers on cutting minky and Cuddle® with your AccuQuilt fabric cutter.



Dies used in this pattern:


Though it’s hard to choose a favorite fabric to see these cute little animals in, we can’t help but love the look and feel of the Cuddle® minky. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to hear quilters and sewists alike want to use this lush fabric but hesitate because of the misconception that it’s difficult to work with. We’re here to tell you that your days of avoiding Cuddle® of any type are over. It doesn’t fray and it’s especially cute when used with our appliqué dies. 


When cutting minky and Cuddle® in our fabric cutters, keep these rules in mind:

  • Reduce your layers. Cut no more than 1-2 layer at a time and remember that fusible counts for half a layer.
  • Check your cutting mat. Cutting mats wear out and need to be replaced, unlike AccuQuilt die blades. If you have noticed little frays or uncut areas of a shape, chances are you need a new cutting mat.
    Hint: Extend a cutting mat's life by flipping and changing how it sits on the die. If possible, trade out cutting mats so they aren't always cutting on the same dies.
  • Use fusible or wax paper. Fusible will help guard act as a grip, reducing a fabric from slipping on the die board when it goes through the cutter. Wax paper can do the same if you would prefer to fuse after. 


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