The Four Inch Qube Changed My Mind About Small Quilt Blocks

Aug 12, 2021 7:30:00 AM / by Jen Belnap

Hi!  I am Jen Belnap from The Smitten Chicken.  

I am excited to talk about the newest set in the Qube family, the GO! Qube Mix and Match 4" Block.  

GO 4 Inch Qube


"I Don't Like Small Quilt Blocks"

I don't like small quilt blocks! 😱 I can't believe I said that out loud!

I don't like small blocks because of all of the cutting. It gets so tedious. The fabric gets stretched and distorted, and then you have to trim down your tiny pieces (I'm looking at you, half-square triangles!).

Have you ever made a block with 1" HST?  I did...once...and I said I would never do it again. 

So, when the GO! Qube Mix and Match 4" Block came out, I thought I would not use it.  WRONG!!! 

The GO! Qube Mix and Match 4" Block makes cutting so fast!  

I decided to make up a little project to see if I could be converted to small blocks.  I'm using Riley Blake Confetti Cottons for my project.


Small Quilt Block Project

GO 4 Inch Qube Dies and Cut Fabric


Within a few minutes, I had everything I needed all cut out for these little blocks.  

The best part, no trimming half-square triangles! The GO! Qube Mix and Match 4" Block comes with two half-square triangles: 1" and 2" finished half square triangles.

I am using the 2" half square triangle die for this project. This die cuts out two half-square triangle pieces with the dog ears trimmed already! All I had to do was cut and sew!


Half-aquare Triangles


Look at those lovely half-square triangles!!! No trimming, no stretching. Just perfect little half-square triangles. I think I am starting to like small blocks!


Churn Dash Blocks


I decided to make little churn dash blocks. It's one of my favorite quilt blocks.

The rectangles and the center square are also part of the GO! Qube Mix and Match 4" Block. I didn't want to take the time to rotary cut 1 1/2" x 2 1/2" rectangles!  But by using the die, I could cut out four at a time!


Churn Dash Block Pillow


I sewed these little churn dash blocks into a pillow. I seriously had a pillow made in an afternoon, and guess what?!? I now LOVE little quilt blocks now!


The Small Quilt Block Solution

Do you like sewing up little blocks? For me, I had to have the right tools to like it - and that is the GO! Qube Mix and Match 4" Block. If you dislike small blocks, then you should definitely give this a try!

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