Beach-Worthy Lined Bag with the GO! Summer Medley & GO! Emoji

Aug 8, 2019 8:30:15 AM / by Denise Looney

Whether you live near the beach or cool off at the city pool this summer, don't forget the #1 accessory...your beach bag. Today I'm sharing instructions for a quick finish bag. Never made a bag with a lining? That's okay, I promise it will be easy.


If you are a regular AccuQuilt reader and wondering who I am right about now, my name is Denise Looney (yes, it really is Looney and I can be a little looney sometimes). I am the voice behind For the Love of Geese. However, if this is your first time visiting AccuQuilt we have something in common (I'm a newbie too), I hope we can grow and learn together. Let's get to it.







  • Misc scrap fabrics in assorted colors and sizes. The scraps will need to be large enough to cover the die shapes.
  • 2 pieces of canvas cut 9” x 24” each for the bottom of your bag.
  • 2 pieces of cotton fabric cut 12” x 24” for the bag shell. Your appliqués will be affixed to these.
  • 2 pieces of lining fabric cut 20” x 24” , I used muslin.


Additional Supplies

  • Your choice of fusible web. I used HeatNBond Ultra because I wanted a permanent fix without the additional stitching around the shapes. It wouldn't be a quick finish otherwise.
  • (2) pieces of fusible interfacing cut 12” x 24” (if you would like a quilted bag, use batting in place of interfacing)
  • (4) 1” grommets
  • 1½ yards of rope for handles


AccuQuilt Dies






Step 1: Adhere fusible web to the wrong side of your scrap fabrics following the manufacturer's directions and allow to cool completely prior to placing on your die.

Step 2: Cut all your shapes and set aside.


Step 3: Fuse batting or interfacing to the wrong side of both bag shells.


Now, let's grab the GO! Emoji die. If you're like me you already have Emoji expressions in mind, so I pair them up pretty quick. Don't be afraid to cut shapes and move them around on the face - there are so many possibilities!


Step 4: Let's pair up the flip flops with their straps and buckets with their handles, then grab the shovels. Decide where you would like to place each on the bag then follow the manufacturer's directions and fuse in place. You will want to fuse the shapes 2” or more below the top raw edge of the bag shell (see the heart with the grommet below), 1" from the side and bottom raw edges.


closeup of grommet


Step 5: Stitch around all appliqués if needed. You can also use the FREE GO! Summer Medley Embroidery Designs and GO! Emojis Embroidery Designs. When using the HeatNBond Ultra, it isn't necessary to stitch around the appliqué shapes.




Step 6: Pin each piece of canvas to the bottom of each bag shell. Stitch using ½” seam allowance. Press seams open. This is important if you do not have a heavy duty machine.


The bag panels look very large and square, not at all like my photo, right? If you're a small bag person you are probably wondering if you should do some trimming before you go any further because you don't want a bag that hangs past your knees. Stay with me, we will shorten it up after a few more steps.

Step 7: Pin front and back shell/canvas panels right sides together.


Step 8: Pin down both sides and across the bottom. Stitch together using ½” seam allowance.




Step 9: Lay the bag flat on your work station. We are going to draw a three inch square in both bottom corners. Line your ruler up with the three inch mark to the side and bottom raw edges on your bag. Draw your line around the ruler.




Step 10: Now cut that corner out. read that correctly, cut the corners out on your drawn line.


Step 11: Press seam allowances open on both sides and across the bottom.


Step 12: This is the tricky part to explain. Line up the seam along one side with the bottom seam, still right sides together. Pin. We are making the bottom of the bag a rectangle, so pinch the canvas together on both sides of the pin you just inserted, add additional pins. Stitch together using ½” seam allowance. Repeat on the other side.






Step 13: Your bag shell is now complete. Turn your bag shell right side out. You should be able to slide your finger across that new seam to push out the bottom corners. Canvas is great like this.


Step 14: Now for the lining. Remember those two pieces you cut 20” x 24”? Stitch down the 20” sides and across the 24” bottom using ½” seam allowance. Lay the bag in front of you


Repeat steps 7 through 14. You may press seams open as before or to one side.


Join the Lining and Bag Shell

Let's check in before we move on...

  • Is your bag shell turned right side out? Good, that it how it's supposed to be.
  • Is your lining still turned wrong side out? That's how is should be.

Step 1: We are now going to slide the bag shell which is right side out, down into the bag lining that is wrong side out. Match the shell and lining seams on both sides, pin.




Step 2: Pin all the way around the bag lining/shell raw edge.


You now have a bucket. When you look into the bucket do you see the shell seams? If yes, it is correct. When you look at the outside, do you see the lining seems? If yes, it is correct. Proceed.


Step 3: Using a 1” seam allowance straight stitch around the top of the bag leaving at least 4” opening for turning.




Step 4: Reach in the open seam and pull your bag shell out through the opening. You should now be looking at the outside shell. Push the lining into the bag. All seams are hidden.


Step 5: Press around the top of your bag and pin the opening closed.



Step 6: Stitch around the entire top of the bag using ¼ to ½” seam allowance. Straight or decorative stitch as preferred.


Grommets and Handles


Step 1: Placement for the grommets will be 7½" from side seams and 1” from the top rim of the bag. See the purple dots in the photos below?





Step 2: Insert grommets following manufacturer's directions. Center the dot inside the grommet. You only need to mark one side. After which, use a pin to locate correct placement on the other side, add a dot where the pin exits.




Step 3: Assuming your rope is still one solid piece, tie a knot on both ends of your rope. Cut the rope in two. It may be necessary to scorch or tape off the ends of the rope below the knot to prevent fraying.

Step 4: Run the cut end of the rope through the grommet from inside the bag (if you do not want the knot showing on the outside). Then in through the next grommet and knot. Repeat for the other side.


Your bag should measure roughly (excluding handles) 15” tall x 17” wide x 6”.




Wasn't that easy?


If you aren't looking for a quick finish and really want to be creative, use additional dies to make quilt blocks to form the top of your bag. Wouldn't this below be adorable in a quilt for a sun?




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