Spruce Up Your Sewing Space With These 9 Tips

Jan 12, 2021 3:30:29 PM / by Erica Bottger

Is it time to welcome the New Year with a refresh for your sewing space?  Since we've all been spending so much more time in our homes for the past several months, it might just be time to make some changes. Read on to see some of our favorite ways to spruce up our sewing spaces.


1. Freshen up your room color.

Is it time for a new coat of paint to really make a change? So many sewists and quilters adapt other spaces in their homes for sewing, and while you've made the most out of the wall color that "came with" your space, why not freshen it up and make it your own! Even if you selected the color yourself, you may just be ready for a change and a fresh start with the new year.

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2. Change up your floor plan.

Is the current set-up the most efficient for you?  You may have laid it out years ago for scrap booking and now are using it for quilting - you've make it work, but could it work better for you?  Nothing like a trip though social media for a little inspiration. Be sure to have 3 designated areas set up: cutting, sewing and pressing. Just like in your kitchen, experts recommend a triangle layout for you main work areas.


3. Let's talk window treatments!

If your room or "she shed" is all your own, really make it your own with window treatments that reflect you. To make sure that your room gets maximum daylight, consider a valance. Valances can be whatever suits you, so how about a string of quilt blocks? If that isn't your style, maybe a more traditional valence out of one of your favorite quilty prints. Remember, this space is all about you!



4. New layout, new tricks!

With the paint, floor plan and windows under control, let's look at what's hanging on the those walls. With a blank canvas before you there are some great options to consider.

  • Hanging Storage: Think about some pegboard for hanging storage, a hanging thread rack or some shelving. What could you move up to the wall and off of your workspace?
  • Design Wall: How nice would it be to have a set design space to aid your creativity? Better yet, a way to get the look and feel of a project and help you put it together without having to crawl around on the floor! Even a small design wall area makes a great add it on to your space. Check out this post for tips on how to make one for all spaces and budgets!
  • Inspiration: Think about a bulletin board to hang special pictures, keepsakes and inspiration. It's as easy as a trip to the craft store, and you can even paint and decorate it to match your space. 
  • Gallery: Leave some wall space for you to enjoy your own creations! Think about displaying wall hangings, mini quilts or favorite blocks. Here's some inspiration from Camille Roskelley of Thimble Blossoms fame.



5. Contain it: re-vamp storage!

Time to re-vamp your storage units. Stop and think about how you work - are the ones you have been using the best solution for you or would something work better?  Maybe they work alright but aren't very attractive. Would your space feel better with more containers - or fewer? You'll find plenty of creative storage ideas online. Maybe a few of the GO! Strippy Catch-All Baskets (PQ10430) would really brighten up your space (while using up some scraps for a win/win!)

Sewing Room Spruce Up - PQ10430 GO! Strippy Catch All Basket


6. Light Up Your World.

Lighting is key to a great sewing space. This especially important if your space is located in a basement area or if you like to sew at night! Good lighting will reduce eye strain and help you sew for longer periods of time - which we all want, right? 


There are 3 levels of lighting to consider. Primary lighting is what you turn on when you walk into the room, normally an overhead light that brightens the entire space. Next up is accent lighting, like lamps, that lights up the darker corners of your room. Finally (and key for quilters) is task lighting. This is the lighting that is focused on your primary work spaces, especially those used for cutting and sewing. Most sewing machines have great light shining down "under the needle" but adding additional lighting to your immediate sewing space is always a great idea. 


7. Make Something Useful.

If you haven't yet, it's time create something new and pretty for you and your space. How about a new pincushion as you clean up the space around your sewing machine? (Hint: Pincushions are a snap with the GO! Pincushion die (55209).


8. Add Something Pretty.

Take a step back and look around at your space. Is there something left that could be replaced or added? Think about this like adding a pair of great earrings to your outfit. Maybe a new ironing board cover? Could you use some fun bookends for your quilting and pattern books?  How about a chair or sewing machine cover? If there's comfy seating in your space, maybe a new pillow. Just that one simple touch, like the cherry on top.

Sewing Room Spruce Up - PQ11829 GO! Bloom Easy Sewing Machine Cover-Spring

Featured Pattern: GO! Easy Bloom Sewing Machine Cover Pattern (PQ11829)


9. One Step At A Time.

If you aren't ready for a major redecorating project, that's okay. We don't all need to sew in spaces that are "magazine picture perfect". In the end, it's all about what puts a smile on the face of the creative and talented person who uses that space - you!


We hope you'll share your spaces and how you're sprucing things up for the new year ahead! 


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Erica Bottger

Written by Erica Bottger