Modern Yet Traditional On-Point Pineapple Quilt

Jul 23, 2019 8:29:37 AM / by Bea Lee

Hi everyone, this is Bea from! I'm here to show you this fun modern yet traditional pineapple block made with the NEW Studio Pineapple-12" Finished die (50176) and the Studio Setting Triangles-12" Finished die (50083)!


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pineapple block studio bea27b




To start, I got this yummy fat quarter bundle.

pineapple block studio bea1


I had to pick 12 out of all these, which was really hard. In the end, I decided on these 12:


pineapple block studio bea2


For the background, I also used 3½ yards of black. I ironed each FQ in half on the 20" edge so the selvedge edge was on the side, then folded in half the other way as shown.


pineapple block studio bea3


Cutting Directions

I cut seven 7½" WOF strips of the black and then folded that in half once. I laid both a FQ and a black strip on the studio pineapple die and cut out the pieces, I actually did two FQs and two black WOF strips so there was eight layers of fabric at once.


pineapple block studio bea4


Here's what I was left with after cutting out the pieces.


pineapple block studio bea5


After the first set was cut out, it was easy to use the leftover FQ scraps for the section with the corner triangles and the center square. I quickly cut out four triangles and two center squares. You only need one of the squares but the fabric was also in two layers when cutting the triangles, so it saved time and I can always use the squares for something else in the future. :)


pineapple block studio bea6


As you can see here, I had sort of an assembly line going - a new FQ on the left with black in the middle then the previous FQ scraps on the corner triangle and center square part - so I had all the pieces cut in no time at all!


pineapple block studio bea7


And there's hardly any scraps left over from the FQs!


pineapple block studio bea8


I like to keep my pieces together in plastic bins with snap lids, because I have little kids who would LOVE to help while mommy is away, not to mention the two cats. If you didn't know, cats love fabric and bins, so I usually cover up the bin when I leave my sewing area. ;)


pineapple block studio bea9


Now let the sewing begin!


Sewing Directions

Step One: sew the smallest black triangles to the sides of the center squares.


pineapple block studio bea10


Add the matching colored small pieces. I did the opposite sides first before ironing and ironed toward the new piece as it was added.


pineapple block studio bea11


Soon, I was able to sew all four pieces before getting up to iron.


pineapple block studio bea 12


And the blocks kept growing! I love how the dog ears are cut off so the pieces line up perfectly!


pineapple block studio bea15


And the blocks kept growing more!


pineapple block studio bea17


And growing...

pineapple block studio bea18


Finally they are done and SEW COOL looking!

pineapple block studio bea19


Then with black fabric, I cut out 10 large and four small setting triangles using the Studio Setting Triangles-12" Finished die.

pineapple block studio bea20
pineapple block studio bea21


I also cut six 12½" squares using the Studio Square-12½" (12" Finished) (50021).


I then put the blocks and setting pieces on my design wall to decide in which order to put the rainbow blocks. I ended up liking this the best because of the colors and prints in the fabrics which are hard to see on this picture.


pineapple block studio bea22


Then I started sewing everything together on the diagonal lines.

pineapple block studio bea24


Again, with the setting triangles the dog ears are cut off so everything lined up perfectly.

pineapple block studio bea23


Soon enough I had the top done! It measures 51½" x 68½".

pineapple block studio bea26


Here it is all quilted and bound:

pineapple block studio bea26


I used an allover quilt design I created called Feathers and Swirls in black thread.


pineapple block studio bea28


This was a really fun quilt to make, and I hope you get to try it too! If you have been avoiding an on-point quilt pattern or a pineapple block, these new dies make both so much more approachable. 


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