Summertime Mug Rug + Just Add GO! Me

Jul 8, 2020 7:45:00 AM / by Erica Bottger

Looking for a quick and easy project?  Whether you are new to quilting, an expert or somewhere in between, a fun project that you can make in a day is a good fit with summertime. I recently made some summer mug rugs (also known as coasters) to spruce up our patio decor.

You may have spotted a few of them on a little camping video we did recently with Lynn and Jill out on the road. In fact, if you are looking for a project to take along on the road with you, this project is perfect.



I used my new GO! Me and the 2 dies that came with it – the GO! Half Square Triangle 3” Finished Square and the GO! Quarter Square Triangle 3” Finished Square – all I had to add was fabric! For a design, I turned to our GO! Qube Mix & Match Block System and picked out the Mill Wheel and Yankee Puzzle blocks. From there, I dug through some fun colored scraps and started cutting. Feel free to substitute any dies that you have in your collection and create your own designs, but even if you are brand new to AccuQuilt, your starter set is all you need to start creating. I wanted to keep my finished “rugs” to a 6” square, but you can make then any size that works for you!


Cutting these out was such a snap – I found that if I used 4 layers of fabric on a die, I was cutting one block in one pass. I chain pieced 2 blocks at a time and pressed the seams to the dark side.

4 blocks to before sewn

quarter square triangles


To keep this project quick and easy, I decided to skip the binding process all together by sewing the front, batting and backing together. Here’s how I did that:


Mug Rug Sewing

First, I rough cut some batting scraps down to about 7½” and did the same with the backing fabric. I laid the batting down first, then layered the backing (right side up) and the block (right side down) and pinned my mini quilt sandwich together. 

mug rug sandwich


I sewed a ¼” seam all around the edges, leaving about a 2” opening on one side so I could turn it right side out. At the corners, I left my needle down and just pivoted my project to keep going. After sewing around the edge, I trimmed the backing and batting to match the block edge. Before turning it right side out, I flipped it over and trimmed the batting away from the corner, being careful not to get to cut through the stitches.

mug rug corner


Once it was right side out, I finger pressed around the edges, tucking the raw edges from the opening inside. I pinned around the edges and top stitched around the block, about 1/8” from the edge. 

pinning mug rug sewing edge


You could probably stop here if you wanted to, but I decided to secure my layers with a little bit of quilting since I see them being washed often over the next few months. I kept it simple with a quick “stitch in the ditch” between the units and I was done!

mug rug under sewing machine needle


I really had fun making this project, and I had that great feeling of accomplishing something in no time. In fact, they were so fun to make that I plan to dig out some wintery fabric scraps and get busy making some for holiday gifts – picture your mug rug along with a mug and some tea bags, hot cocoa mix or a coffee gift card all tied up together for teacher or hostess gifts!


I hope you have fun with this quick, easy project this summer – either at home or on the GO!

go me RV featherweight and mug rugs



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Erica Bottger

Written by Erica Bottger