Table Topper Pattern: Watering Can of Flowers

Sep 2, 2021 1:00:00 PM / by Suzy Webster

I have always loved when people use odd containers for gardening. I can’t garden at all as I have a totally black thumb. So, instead, I make quilts with all sorts of lovely flowers. 

It was a lot of fun to turn this basket into a watering can and watch it fill with flowers.

Table Topper Pattern

Materials Needed:



  1. Pick a fabric for the watering can. Put fusible on the back, and cut out one basket. Make sure you have a little extra as we will be cutting a few extra pieces from this fabric.

  2. Put fusible on the back of a bunch of green and flower-colored scraps and cut a bunch of flower pieces to play with. I cut about a dozen of each piece I planned to use. I only used the smallest flower on the Flower Bunch Die and the central circle dot.

Table Topper Pattern for Watering Can of Flowers


3. Cut the two pieces needed to make the basket into a watering can. A wedge-shaped piece and an oval.


Watering Can Fabric Cut Out


4. Decide how big you want your background to be and then put your watering can in the center of it. Then lay out all your pieces so you can see them.




  1. Start playing with the flowers. This is a totally personal opinion as to how to layout the flowers. The first picture shows all the leaves pointed up. I didn’t like that. The second picture shows leaves in clusters on some flowers. The third picture shows how I moved the watering can handle on top of some of the flowers so you could see it.



6. Once you are happy with the arrangement of the flowers, add the circles to the flower centers and then fuse them to the background.




7.   Then trim, layer with batting and backing, and quilt as desired.  I chose to use large swirls for my background.




8. Then, bind your quilt.


Share Your Flowers!

If you make your own Watering Can of Flowers Table Topper using this tutorial, please share the photo on social media using the hashtag #AccuQuiltBuilt and don't forget to tag @websterquilts and @AccuQuilt so we can see your fun creation!


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